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Next Limit Maxwell Render + Plugins [En]

Next Limit Maxwell Render + Plugins [En] скачать торрент

Год выпуска:2015
Требования:Windows ХР, Windows Vista, ОС Windows Server 2008, в Windows 7 и Windows 8
2 ГГц Intel® Core 2, AMD Athlon 64 или лучше
1 ГБ оперативной памяти минимум. 4 ГБ оперативной памяти рекомендуется
400 МБ свободного пространства на жестком диске для установки
Поддержка OpenGL рекомендуется
Язык интерфейса:Английский
Лекарство:не требуется
Рейтинг на сайте:
Максвелл рендер - это автономный движок рендеринга для создания идеальных образов, фильмов и анимаций из 3D моделей. Это готовое решение для тех, кто требует безукоризненных результатов за крайний срок. Максвелл рендер обеспечивает максимальное качество, скорость и совместимость для архитекторов, дизайнеров и художников визуальных эффектов.

Возможности программы:
Based on Reality
Reality means predictable, reliable first-time results. With Maxwell Render, you can focus your valuable time and energy on creating your vision, not struggling with obscure computer graphics terminology and tweaking parameters.
Be confident that your simulations truly reflect reality. Maxwell Render's incredible lighting accuracy means that your materials will look the way they are supposed to, and every detail of your textures and models will play a part in bringing your render to life.
Advanced Ray Tracing
The advanced ray tracing technology which forms the core of Maxwell Render's engine is so powerful that it is capable of simulating light exactly as it is in the real world. No tricks. Just real world physics. Which is why Maxwell Render is the benchmark in render quality.
Physical Sky
The physical sky system in Maxwell Render uses a novel approach, offering a wide range of real-life, physically-correct variables to control the look of the sky and lighting in your scene. You can control your position on Earth (location and time), the sun's aspect, and the atmospheric conditions.
Fast Scene Setup
Computer time is less important and far less expensive than human time. The entire Maxwell Render approach (real world camera, emitter and material parameters) is geared up to save you time on your projects by giving you accurate, predictable results. Don't spend your valuable time endlessly tweaking dozens of parameters, just set your scene with simple Maxwell settings - and move on to your next project!
The highly acclaimed Multilight™ feature removes the need to re-render an image when light changes are required. Multilight™ allows you to change the intensities of lights and scene emitters during and after the rendering process, so you can tweak the lighting set up over and over, saving out as many images of the same scene as you like-all from just a single render.
Real-Time Scene Preview
Maxwell FIRE gives you immediate feedback in the renderer for adjustments to lighting, materials and camera settings. And unlike other interactive style renderers, Maxwell FIRE is compatible with ALL Maxwell materials and features.
Realistic Camera Model
The camera in Maxwell Render has all the parameters you would expect in a real camera - f-Stop, Focal Length, Shutter speed, ISO, film size, diaphragm blades. This means that DOF, bokeh and the exposure match your live footage - making the compositing stage far quicker and simpler.
Memory Saving Instances
Instances are a great way to save memory when rendering. With 10,000 instances of 1 object, Maxwell Render will consume the same amount of memory at render time as if it was rendering only the 1 object. Instances are great for creating vegetation, bricks, furniture or any other extensively repeated geometry in your scene.
Accurate 3D Motion Blur
Maxwell Render's accurate 3D motion blur can now handle unlimited sub-steps, and can be set for both a still camera to mimic long exposure effects such as trails of light, and a film camera to show the motion blur effect of fast moving objects. The amount of motion blur is directly controlled from the camera, by either the shutter speed or the rotary shutter angle.
Hair, Grass and Fur
Maxwell Render's hair rendering tool is compatible with many of the most popular hair systems (Maya Shave and a Haircut, Maya hair, 3ds Max hair, CINEMA hair, or Ornatrix). Hair systems are automatically converted to the Maxwell primitive - which is highly optimized for memory consumption and speed. The hair primitive has actual thickness so any Maxwell material can be applied to it, including transparent, refractive materials.
The Maxwell Render grass generator allows you to quickly create grass on a selected piece of geometry. Designed to offer maximum control over the look of the grass - from impeccable detail on close-up shots to fast-rendering further away from the camera. Compatible with Maxwell Studio and almost all supported plugins.
The volumetric feature in Maxwell can work in several ways: as a constant density volumetric object - useful for large atmospheric haze effects or thick fog, it can work with particles files in several formats including RealFlow .bin, and also with density fields/voxels directly from Maya or Houdini.

Нововведения в версии 3.1:
Spot Emitters
This emitter type projects a conical light beam, mimicking the spotlights used by photographers and cinematographers. You can control the shape of the beam by adjusting the cone angle and the falloff of its borders. They can also work as image projectors, projecting the map you input just like a slide projector.
Extra Sampling
Often when you render an image, residual noise is concentrated in certain areas of the scene due their particular lighting and material characteristics. With the new Extra Sampling feature, you can now define a specific area of your image to be rendered to a higher sampling level than the rest – putting all the render power to the areas where it is most needed, rendering smarter and saving a huge amount of time.
With the 3.1 update, Maxwell can now read and render OpenVDB files directly. This file format can efficiently store very detailed and large volumetrics based on a 3D grid of voxels instead of individual point particles, which makes it more efficient for storing and rendering detailed volumetrics where otherwise billions of individual particles would have been needed.
Animation tool in Studio
Maxwell Studio now includes an animation tool which makes it very easy to generate simple scene animations such as turntables or time-lapses, directly from Studio.
Camera Response / White balance
The new white balance tool can come in handy when mixed temperature emitters are used, or for artistic purposes. White balancing directly in Maxwell means more accurate results because you are directly adjusting the spectral information contained in the render MXI files, giving you the widest possible color gamut to work with. Additionally, the new camera response curves give you a standard set of film and digital sensors to choose from, to quickly provide you with a certain look to your render.
Floating Shadows
Maxwell FIRE (preview engine) is now able to display Floating Shadows and Floating Reflections of your objects on the ground, even without a geometry ground plane in the scene. This feature is very helpful during the design stage or even for presentations of your products, as it quickly provides a decent preview of your models even at an early stage.
UDIM Textures
Maxwell 3.1 supports UDIM textures (developed by The Foundry's Mari) which allow you to vary the mapping resolutions over different parts of a model, and apply high resolution only in the areas needed, helping to keep file sizes to a reasonable size.

Процедура лечения:
1) Установить Maxwell рендер
2) Заменить dll из папки программы на пропатченные из папки лечилки
- mxcommon_32.dll и mxcommon_64.dll из папки "Maxwell 3"
- maxwell.shell.dll из папки "Maxwell 3\shell", в подпапке x86 или x64 зависит от битности.
3) Активировать файл лицензии одним из 2-х способов на выбор
а - либо переименовать файл maxwell.lic на maxwell_license.lic и скопировать по адресу C:\ProgramData\Next Limit\Maxwell\licenses
б - либо перенести файл maxwell.lic в любую папку на диске, а затем создать переменную окружения "nextlimit_LICENSE" со значением "путь к папке где теперь лежит файл лицензии maxwell.lic", например "С:\RLM"
4) Maxwell рендер теперь работает, осталось поставить коннекторы к 3D пакетам
5) Установите плагины для экспорта с программ моделирования
6) Замените dll из папки плагинов программ на пропатченные из папки плагинов в раздаче
7) Теперь можете визуализировать сцены Maxwell рендером из программ моделирования

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Next Limit Maxwell Render + Plugins (455 файлов)
Materials Arroway (138 файлов)
txt Arroway Materials Collection info.txt (678 b)
jpg boards+01_b030.jpg (663.14 kB)
jpg boards+01_d100.jpg (1.16 MB)
jpg boards+01_s100+g100.jpg (851.15 kB)
jpg boards+02_b030.jpg (167.36 kB)
jpg boards+02_d100.jpg (312.55 kB)
jpg boards+02_s100+g100.jpg (359.00 kB)
jpg boards+03_b030.jpg (1.56 MB)
jpg boards+03_d100.jpg (1.67 MB)
jpg boards+03_s100+g100.jpg (967.11 kB)
file boards-01.mxm (119.26 kB)
file boards-02.mxm (119.26 kB)
file boards-03.mxm (119.26 kB)
jpg bricks+20_b015.jpg (1.19 MB)
jpg bricks+20_d100.jpg (1.73 MB)
jpg bricks+20_s025+g050.jpg (1.55 MB)
file bricks-20.mxm (119.27 kB)
jpg concrete+01_b010.jpg (803.31 kB)
jpg concrete+01_d100.jpg (561.23 kB)
jpg concrete+01_s050+g050.jpg (664.65 kB)
file concrete-01.mxm (119.17 kB)
file concrete-09.mxm (119.17 kB)
jpg concrete-09_b005.jpg (286.46 kB)
jpg concrete-09_d100.jpg (310.30 kB)
jpg concrete-09_s050-g010.jpg (456.72 kB)
file concrete-19.mxm (119.17 kB)
jpg concrete-19_b005.jpg (521.42 kB)
jpg concrete-19_d100.jpg (372.85 kB)
jpg concrete-19_s050-g050.jpg (500.54 kB)
file concrete-22.mxm (119.17 kB)
jpg concrete-22_b005.jpg (403.19 kB)
jpg concrete-22_d100.jpg (647.43 kB)
jpg concrete-22_s050-g050.jpg (1.12 MB)
file concrete-36.mxm (119.17 kB)
jpg concrete-36_b010.jpg (785.15 kB)
jpg concrete-36_d100.jpg (777.18 kB)
jpg concrete-36_s025-g025.jpg (808.22 kB)
file concrete-53.mxm (119.17 kB)
jpg concrete-53_b010.jpg (268.44 kB)
jpg concrete-53_d100.jpg (287.30 kB)
jpg concrete-53_s050-g025.jpg (566.93 kB)
jpg griduv.jpg (122.75 kB)
jpg intw_bump.jpg (92.72 kB)
jpg intw_color.jpg (309.40 kB)
jpg metal+lattice+01_b015.jpg (834.65 kB)
jpg metal+lattice+01_d100.jpg (971.23 kB)
jpg metal+lattice+01_o100.jpg (0.99 MB)
jpg metal+lattice+01_s100+g100.jpg (901.75 kB)
jpg metal+lattice+01_w.jpg (467.70 kB)
jpg metal+plate+01_b005.jpg (438.70 kB)
jpg metal+plate+01_d100.jpg (267.80 kB)
jpg metal+plate+01_s100+(g025).jpg (326.05 kB)
jpg metal+structure+05_b030.jpg (283.43 kB)
jpg metal+structure+05_d100.jpg (443.54 kB)
jpg metal+structure+05_s100+g070.jpg (456.13 kB)
file metal-lattice-01.mxm (119.37 kB)
file metal-plate-01.mxm (119.20 kB)
file metal-structure-05.mxm (119.22 kB)
jpg misc+cardboard+01_b002.jpg (257.05 kB)
jpg misc+cardboard+01_d100.jpg (259.13 kB)
jpg misc+cardboard+01_s005+(g020).jpg (257.51 kB)
jpg misc+cardboard+edge+01_b010.jpg (39.35 kB)
jpg misc+cardboard+edge+01_d100+(s000)+(g000).jpg (36.06 kB)
jpg misc+roller+shutter+02_b015.jpg (177.43 kB)
jpg misc+roller+shutter+02_d100.jpg (290.48 kB)
jpg misc+roller+shutter+02_s100+g100.jpg (282.21 kB)
file misc-cardboard-01.mxm (119.22 kB)
file misc-cardboard-edge-01.mxm (118.32 kB)
file misc-roller-shutter-02.mxm (119.25 kB)
jpg oak_bump.jpg (66.01 kB)
jpg oak_color.jpg (364.22 kB)
jpg pave2_bump.jpg (106.34 kB)
jpg pave2_color.jpg (161.75 kB)
jpg pave_bump.jpg (347.70 kB)
jpg pave_color.jpg (297.31 kB)
jpg pavement+01_b030.jpg (691.29 kB)
jpg pavement+01_d100.jpg (635.55 kB)
jpg pavement+01_s100.jpg (579.17 kB)
file pavement-01.mxm (119.16 kB)
jpg plaster+02_b030+g100.jpg (578.93 kB)
jpg plaster+02_d100+(s020).jpg (457.07 kB)
jpg plaster+24_b050.jpg (1.04 MB)
jpg plaster+24_d100.jpg (1.04 MB)
jpg plaster+24_s025+(g000).jpg (733.16 kB)
file plaster-02.mxm (119.29 kB)
file plaster-24.mxm (119.17 kB)
jpg plastic.jpg (93.20 kB)
jpg plastic2.jpg (121.67 kB)
jpg stone+sandstone+02_b010.jpg (556.76 kB)
jpg stone+sandstone+02_d100.jpg (424.06 kB)
jpg stone+sandstone+02_s100+(g010).jpg (609.10 kB)
file stones-sandstone-02.mxm (119.23 kB)
jpg tiles+17_b005.jpg (581.27 kB)
jpg tiles+17_d100.jpg (402.61 kB)
jpg tiles+17_s100+g100.jpg (367.82 kB)
jpg tiles+18_b030.jpg (521.94 kB)
jpg tiles+18_d100.jpg (480.42 kB)
jpg tiles+18_s100+g100.jpg (383.36 kB)
file tiles-17.mxm (119.15 kB)
file tiles-18.mxm (119.15 kB)
file tiles-23.mxm (119.16 kB)
jpg tiles-23_b005.jpg (501.76 kB)
jpg tiles-23_d100.jpg (383.83 kB)
jpg tiles-23_s100-g100-r090.jpg (293.50 kB)
file tiles-29.mxm (119.16 kB)
jpg tiles-29_b002.jpg (374.83 kB)
jpg tiles-29_d100.jpg (456.67 kB)
jpg tiles-29_s100-g100-r100.jpg (419.55 kB)
file tiles-34.mxm (119.16 kB)
jpg tiles-34_b005.jpg (378.40 kB)
jpg tiles-34_d100.jpg (313.92 kB)
jpg tiles-34_s100-g100-r100.jpg (398.47 kB)
file tiles-35.mxm (119.16 kB)
jpg tiles-35_b010.jpg (99.57 kB)
jpg tiles-35_d100.jpg (190.13 kB)
jpg tiles-35_s100-g100-r100.jpg (66.29 kB)
file tiles-38.mxm (119.16 kB)
jpg tiles-38_b010.jpg (58.91 kB)
jpg tiles-38_d100.jpg (430.30 kB)
jpg tiles-38_s100-g100-r100.jpg (100.96 kB)
file tiles-44.mxm (119.15 kB)
jpg tiles-44_b015.jpg (518.38 kB)
jpg tiles-44_d100.jpg (455.47 kB)
jpg tiles-44_s100-g100.jpg (362.36 kB)
file tiles-48.mxm (119.16 kB)
jpg tiles-48_b015.jpg (448.65 kB)
jpg tiles-48_d100.jpg (331.49 kB)
jpg tiles-48_s100-g100-r050.jpg (375.66 kB)
jpg tiles-59_b015.jpg (195.07 kB)
jpg tiles-59_b015_2.jpg (281.07 kB)
jpg tiles-59_d100.jpg (423.98 kB)
jpg tiles-59_s100-g100-r100.jpg (227.29 kB)
jpg tiles-59_s100-g100-r100_2.jpg (357.53 kB)
file tiles-59a.mxm (119.16 kB)
file tiles-59b.mxm (119.17 kB)
file tiles-67.mxm (118.24 kB)
jpg tiles-67_b010.jpg (426.50 kB)
jpg tiles-67_d100.jpg (335.50 kB)
Maxwell for 3ds Max 3.1.9 (2 файла)
Medecine (7 файлов)
2011 (1 файл)
plugins (1 файл)
file maxwell.dlr (12.09 MB)
2012 (1 файл)
plugins (1 файл)
file maxwell.dlr (12.08 MB)
2013 (1 файл)
plugins (1 файл)
file maxwell.dlr (12.13 MB)
2014 (1 файл)
plugins (1 файл)
file maxwell.dlr (12.14 MB)
2015 (1 файл)
plugins (1 файл)
file maxwell.dlr (12.14 MB)
2016 (1 файл)
plugins (1 файл)
file maxwell.dlr (12.14 MB)
file maxwell.lic (2.96 kB)
exe Maxwell 3ds Max 3.1.9.exe (27.43 MB)
Maxwell for Archicad 3.1.3 (2 файла)
Medecine x64 (5 файлов)
AC15 (1 файл)
file MaxwellController.apx (10.10 MB)
AC16 (1 файл)
file MaxwellController.apx (10.17 MB)
AC17 (1 файл)
file MaxwellController.apx (9.24 MB)
AC18 (1 файл)
file MaxwellController.apx (9.25 MB)
AC19 (1 файл)
file MaxwellController.apx (9.26 MB)
exe Maxwell Archicad 3.1.3.exe (21.29 MB)
Maxwell for Cinema 4D 3.1.3 (7 файлов)
ext (2 файла)
osx (20 файлов)
file MGrassH.osx.mxx (286.80 kB)
file MGrassP.osx.mxx (158.00 kB)
file MWObjectAlembic.osx.mxx (6.81 MB)
file MaterialModifiers.osx.mxx (201.34 kB)
file MaxwellCloner.osx.mxx (6.28 MB)
file MaxwellGrass.osx.mxx (150.94 kB)
file MaxwellHair.osx.mxx (214.56 kB)
file MaxwellMesher.osx.mxx (20.29 MB)
file MaxwellParticles.osx.mxx (6.45 MB)
file MaxwellProcedurals.osx.mxx (230.20 kB)
file MaxwellScatter.osx.mxx (143.03 kB)
file MaxwellSea.osx.mxx (312.36 kB)
file MaxwellVolumetric.osx.mxx (10.60 MB)
file RFMeshes.osx.mxx (90.59 kB)
file RWMeshes.osx.mxx (96.28 kB)
file SubdivisionModifier.osx.mxx (344.50 kB)
file TiledTexture.osx.mxx (83.67 kB)
file WireframeTexture.osx.mxx (88.94 kB)
file libmx_common.dylib (12.58 MB)
file libtbb.dylib (382.75 kB)
v100 (2 файла)
x64 (21 файл)
file MGrassH.win64.mxx (187.00 kB)
file MGrassP.win64.mxx (98.00 kB)
file MWObjectAlembic.win64.mxx (3.14 MB)
file MaterialModifiers.win64.mxx (175.50 kB)
file MaxwellCloner.win64.mxx (2.85 MB)
file MaxwellGrass.win64.mxx (195.50 kB)
file MaxwellHair.win64.mxx (173.00 kB)
file MaxwellMesher.win64.mxx (6.12 MB)
file MaxwellParticles.win64.mxx (2.90 MB)
file MaxwellProcedurals.win64.mxx (245.00 kB)
file MaxwellScatter.win64.mxx (169.00 kB)
file MaxwellSea.win64.mxx (275.50 kB)
file MaxwellVolumetric.win64.mxx (4.21 MB)
file TiledTexture.win64.mxx (51.00 kB)
file mxcommon_64.dll.bak (8.69 MB)
file mxcommon_64.dll (8.69 MB)
file nl-tbb_64.dll (184.50 kB)
file rfmeshes.win64.mxx (96.50 kB)
file rwmeshes.win64.mxx (117.50 kB)
file subdivisionmodifier.win64.mxx (244.50 kB)
file wireframetexture.win64.mxx (110.00 kB)
x86 (21 файл)
file MGrassH.win32.mxx (193.00 kB)
file MGrassP.win32.mxx (99.00 kB)
file MWObjectAlembic.win32.mxx (2.76 MB)
file MaterialModifiers.win32.mxx (164.00 kB)
file MaxwellCloner.win32.mxx (2.52 MB)
file MaxwellGrass.win32.mxx (177.00 kB)
file MaxwellHair.win32.mxx (175.00 kB)
file MaxwellMesher.win32.mxx (5.42 MB)
file MaxwellParticles.win32.mxx (2.60 MB)
file MaxwellProcedurals.win32.mxx (247.50 kB)
file MaxwellScatter.win32.mxx (163.50 kB)
file MaxwellSea.win32.mxx (213.50 kB)
file MaxwellVolumetric.win32.mxx (3.62 MB)
file TiledTexture.win32.mxx (52.50 kB)
file mxcommon_32.dll.bak (7.79 MB)
file mxcommon_32.dll (7.79 MB)
file nl-tbb_32.dll (136.50 kB)
file rfmeshes.win32.mxx (91.00 kB)
file rwmeshes.win32.mxx (106.00 kB)
file subdivisionmodifier.win32.mxx (255.50 kB)
file wireframetexture.win32.mxx (113.00 kB)
res (60 файлов)
description (32 файла)
file Fmxsloader.h (906 b)
file Fmxsloader.res (741 b)
file Mmxibematerial.h (113 b)
file Mmxibematerial.res (53 b)
file Mmxmaterial.h (1.14 kB)
file Mmxmaterial.res (1.07 kB)
file Omxinstance.h (484 b)
file Omxinstance.res (1.34 kB)
file Omxmesher.h (11.79 kB)
file Omxmesher.res (25.54 kB)
file Omxpreferences.h (2.24 kB)
file Omxpreferences.res (3.17 kB)
file Omxsceneobject.h (17.89 kB)
file Omxsceneobject.res (35.27 kB)
file Omxsea.h (1.29 kB)
file Omxsea.res (2.44 kB)
file Omxsreference.h (438 b)
file Omxsreference.res (1.14 kB)
file Tmxcameratag.h (1.91 kB)
file Tmxcameratag.res (2.96 kB)
file Tmxgrasstag.h (2.85 kB)
file Tmxgrasstag.res (3.08 kB)
file Tmxhairtag.h (765 b)
file Tmxhairtag.res (1.11 kB)
file Tmxobjectpropertiestag.h (1.95 kB)
file Tmxobjectpropertiestag.res (2.24 kB)
file Tmxparticletag.h (1.08 kB)
file Tmxparticletag.res (2.35 kB)
file Tmxregiontag.h (426 b)
file Tmxregiontag.res (891 b)
file Tmxvolumetric.h (6.88 kB)
file Tmxvolumetric.res (12.58 kB)
dialogs (40 файлов)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_AGS.res (1.07 kB)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_BUBBLE.res (757 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_CARPAINT.res (936 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_CLIPMAP.res (1.06 kB)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_GLASS.res (752 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_GREASY.res (726 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_METAL.res (948 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_PLASTIC.res (1.11 kB)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_SATIN.res (721 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_SSS.res (1.25 kB)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_TEXTURED.res (1.89 kB)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_VELVET.res (726 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_WOOD.res (1.11 kB)
file MX_AGS_PAGE.res (1.03 kB)
file MX_BSDF_PAGE.res (13.20 kB)
file MX_CARPAINT_PAGE.res (1.67 kB)
file MX_COATING_PAGE.res (6.40 kB)
file MX_CONVERT_DIALOG.res (2.59 kB)
file MX_DIELECTRICWIZARD.res (1.96 kB)
file MX_DIFFUSEWIZARD.res (1.79 kB)
file MX_DISPLACEMENT_PAGE.res (5.28 kB)
file MX_EMITTERWIZARD.res (1.33 kB)
file MX_EMITTER_PAGE.res (6.79 kB)
file MX_FIRE_WINDOW.res (2.14 kB)
file MX_LAYER_PAGE.res (1.72 kB)
file MX_MATERIAL_EDITOR.res (206 b)
file MX_MATERIAL_PAGE.res (4.75 kB)
file MX_METALWIZARD.res (1.81 kB)
file MX_METAL_PAGE.res (5.39 kB)
file MX_OPAQUE_PAGE.res (2.54 kB)
file MX_PLASTICWIZARD.res (1.98 kB)
file MX_PREFS_DIALOG.res (6.01 kB)
file MX_QUESTION_DIALOG.res (1.00 kB)
file MX_SUBSURFACE_PAGE.res (6.29 kB)
file MX_TEXTURE_EDITOR.res (9.20 kB)
file MX_TRANSLUCENT_PAGE.res (5.38 kB)
file MX_TRANSPARENT_PAGE.res (4.11 kB)
strings_us (3 файла)
description (16 файлов)
file Fmxsloader.str (693 b)
file Mmxibematerial.str (78 b)
file Mmxmaterial.str (796 b)
file Omxinstance.str (532 b)
file Omxmesher.str (22.40 kB)
file Omxpreferences.str (2.67 kB)
file Omxsceneobject.str (18.89 kB)
file Omxsea.str (1.57 kB)
file Omxsreference.str (444 b)
file Tmxcameratag.str (2.20 kB)
file Tmxgrasstag.str (2.16 kB)
file Tmxhairtag.str (576 b)
file Tmxobjectpropertiestag.str (1.76 kB)
file Tmxparticletag.str (1.24 kB)
file Tmxregiontag.str (463 b)
file Tmxvolumetric.str (11.42 kB)
dialogs (40 файлов)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_AGS.str (307 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_BUBBLE.str (252 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_CARPAINT.str (289 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_CLIPMAP.str (339 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_GLASS.str (250 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_GREASY.str (288 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_METAL.str (281 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_PLASTIC.str (319 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_SATIN.str (251 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_SSS.str (353 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_TEXTURED.str (473 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_VELVET.str (253 b)
file MX_ADVWIZARD_WOOD.str (303 b)
file MX_AGS_PAGE.str (321 b)
file MX_BSDF_PAGE.str (1.67 kB)
file MX_CARPAINT_PAGE.str (328 b)
file MX_COATING_PAGE.str (0.98 kB)
file MX_CONVERT_DIALOG.str (790 b)
file MX_DIELECTRICWIZARD.str (363 b)
file MX_DIFFUSEWIZARD.str (347 b)
file MX_DISPLACEMENT_PAGE.str (930 b)
file MX_EMITTERWIZARD.str (296 b)
file MX_EMITTER_PAGE.str (867 b)
file MX_FIRE_WINDOW.str (489 b)
file MX_LAYER_PAGE.str (300 b)
file MX_MATERIAL_EDITOR.str (124 b)
file MX_MATERIAL_PAGE.str (926 b)
file MX_METALWIZARD.str (336 b)
file MX_METAL_PAGE.str (804 b)
file MX_OPAQUE_PAGE.str (432 b)
file MX_PLASTICWIZARD.str (382 b)
file MX_PREFS_DIALOG.str (1.19 kB)
file MX_QUESTION_DIALOG.str (151 b)
file MX_SUBSURFACE_PAGE.str (1.02 kB)
file MX_TEXTURE_EDITOR.str (1.28 kB)
file MX_TRANSLUCENT_PAGE.str (934 b)
file MX_TRANSPARENT_PAGE.str (700 b)
file c4d_strings.str (28.12 kB)
file boolean.tif (2.05 kB)
file c4d_symbols.bak (44.90 kB)
file c4d_symbols.h (44.94 kB)
file cam.tif (1.99 kB)
txt cities.txt (10.37 kB)
file clear_path.tif (660 b)
file convert.tif (2.14 kB)
file default.mxm (117.75 kB)
file default_scene.xml (5.81 kB)
file disabled.tif (976 b)
file disc.tif (2.79 kB)
file enabled.tif (1.12 kB)
file errors.tif (1.27 kB)
file file_open.tif (0.98 kB)
file fireactive.tif (1.55 kB)
file fireinactive.tif (1.32 kB)
file frav.tif (868 b)
file frrv.tif (900 b)
file grass.tif (2.80 kB)
file hair.tif (2.86 kB)
file help.tif (1.38 kB)
file instance.tif (1.62 kB)
file invalid_image.tif (11.16 kB)
file k_scale.tif (32.68 kB)
file k_scale_disabled.tif (23.26 kB)
file mat.tif (2.09 kB)
file mat_ed.tif (1.97 kB)
file mesher.tif (2.52 kB)
file mxsref.tif (2.06 kB)
file mxst.tif (1.99 kB)
file network.tif (1.85 kB)
file obj.tif (1.99 kB)
file packngo.tif (2.95 kB)
file particle.tif (1.99 kB)
file rav.tif (1.95 kB)
file reexport.tif (1.11 kB)
file refresh.tif (728 b)
file refreshall.tif (2.75 kB)
file refreshone.tif (2.32 kB)
file region.tif (1.65 kB)
file release_license.tif (1.66 kB)
file reset.tif (824 b)
file rrv.tif (1.98 kB)
file save.tif (1.14 kB)
file scene.tif (1.77 kB)
file sea.tif (2.28 kB)
file select_tex.tif (438 b)
file sss_presets.xml (15.42 kB)
file stage1.mxs (482.47 kB)
file stop.tif (2.17 kB)
file tex_assigned.tif (4.45 kB)
file tex_empty.tif (4.35 kB)
file tex_invalid.tif (4.38 kB)
file tom_no_preview.tif (88.45 kB)
file tz.dat (146.75 kB)
file volumetric.tif (1.74 kB)
file warnings.tif (1.08 kB)
vcredist (2 файла)
exe vcredist_x64.exe (5.41 MB)
exe vcredist_x86.exe (4.76 MB)
file Maxwell for Cinema 4D.cdl64 (2.63 MB)
file Maxwell for Cinema 4D.cdl (2.04 MB)
file Maxwell for Cinema 4D.dylib (7.61 MB)
txt readme.txt (2.16 kB)
Maxwell for Houdini (2 файла)
Medecine (2 файла)
H13.0.665_vc11 (2 файла)
bin (2 файла)
exe Maxwell_IPR.exe (8.78 MB)
file mxcommon_64.dll (8.69 MB)
houdini (1 файл)
dso (1 файл)
file ROP_Maxwell.dll (9.24 MB)
H14.0.291 (2 файла)
bin (2 файла)
exe Maxwell_IPR.exe (8.80 MB)
file mxcommon_64.dll (8.69 MB)
houdini (1 файл)
dso (1 файл)
file ROP_Maxwell.dll (9.26 MB)
exe Maxwell Houdini (29.76 MB)
Maxwell for Lightwave 3.1.2 (2 файла)
Medecine (4 файла)
9 (1 файл)
Maxwell (1 файл)
file maxwell.p (9.71 MB)
10 (1 файл)
Maxwell (1 файл)
file maxwell.p (9.72 MB)
11 (1 файл)
Maxwell (1 файл)
file maxwell.p (9.72 MB)
2015 (1 файл)
Maxwell (1 файл)
file maxwell.p (9.72 MB)
exe Maxwell Lightwave 3.1.2.exe (14.70 MB)
Maxwell for Maya 3.1.12 (2 файла)
Medecine (6 файлов)
2012 (1 файл)
bin (1 файл)
plug-ins (2 файла)
image (1 файл)
file IMFMXI.dll (9.15 MB)
file maxwell.mll (10.70 MB)
2013 (1 файл)
bin (1 файл)
plug-ins (2 файла)
image (1 файл)
file IMFMXI.dll (9.15 MB)
file maxwell.mll (10.70 MB)
2014 (1 файл)
bin (1 файл)
plug-ins (2 файла)
image (1 файл)
file IMFMXI.dll (9.15 MB)
file maxwell.mll (10.72 MB)
2015 (1 файл)
bin (1 файл)
plug-ins (2 файла)
image (1 файл)
file IMFMXI.dll (9.15 MB)
file maxwell.mll (10.72 MB)
2016 (1 файл)
bin (1 файл)
plug-ins (2 файла)
image (1 файл)
file IMFMXI.dll (9.15 MB)
file maxwell.mll (10.72 MB)
file maxwell.lic (2.96 kB)
exe Maxwell Maya 3.1.12.exe (34.95 MB)
Maxwell for Modo 3.1002 (2 файла)
Medecine (4 файла)
501 (1 файл)
file modoAndMaxwell_x64.lx (10.39 MB)
601 (1 файл)
file modoAndMaxwell_x64.lx (10.44 MB)
701 (1 файл)
file modoAndMaxwell_x64.lx (10.47 MB)
801 (1 файл)
file modoAndMaxwell_x64.lx (10.52 MB)
exe Maxwell Modo 3.1002.exe (14.07 MB)
Maxwell for Rhino 3.1.3 x64 (5 файлов)
Medecine x64 (3 файла)
file maxwell.lic (2.96 kB)
file mxcommon_64.dll (9.74 MB)
txt read me.txt (109 b)
vcredist_x64 (1 файл)
exe vcredist_x64.exe (4.97 MB)
msi Maxwell.Rhino_x64.msi (13.26 MB)
txt readme.txt (2.75 kB)
exe setup.exe (379.00 kB)
Maxwell for SketchUp 3.1.4 x64 (2 файла)
Medecine x64 (1 файл)
Plugins (1 файл)
maxwell (2 файла)
ext (1 файл)
win (2 файла)
v90 (1 файл)
x86 (1 файл)
file mxcommon_32.dll (8.23 MB)
v100 (2 файла)
x64 (1 файл)
file mxcommon_64.dll (8.69 MB)
x86 (1 файл)
file mxcommon_32.dll (7.79 MB)
lic (1 файл)
win (1 файл)
file mxcommon_32.dll (8.23 MB)
exe Maxwell SketchUp 3.1.4.exe (62.03 MB)
Maxwell Render (2 файла)
Medecine (4 файла)
crk (3 файла)
file maxwell.shell.dll (9.78 MB)
file mxcommon_32.dll (8.23 MB)
file mxcommon_64.dll (9.74 MB)
lic (1 файл)
file maxwell.lic (2.96 kB)
network (2 файла)
exe mxnetwork.exe (1.79 MB)
file mxnetwork (16.00 MB)
txt readme.txt (225 b)
exe Maxwell win64.exe (347.25 MB)
Начало раздачи:17 августа 2015 в 22:05
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