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Smith Micro Poser Pro + Content + Reality[En] скачать торрент

Год выпуска:2016
Требования:ОС: Windows 7, 8.1, или 10 (64-bit рекомендуется)
Процессор: 1.3 GHz Pentium 4 , Athlon 64 (1.65 GHz рекомендуется) или новее
Оперативка: 1 GB (4 GB рекомендуется)
Видеокарта: OpenGL поддержка рекомендуется (последние карты NVIDIA GeForce и ATI Radeon нужны для расширенных возможностей просмотра в реальном времени)
Места на диске: 3 GB (6 GB рекомендуется)
Язык интерфейса:Английский
Лекарство:не требуется
Рейтинг на сайте:
Smith Micro Poser Pro
— мощный и в тоже время простой в использовании программный пакет 3D-дизайна и анимации, позволяющий создавать высокореалистичные персонажи, трехмерные объекты и детали трехмерных сцен для WEB, печатной продукции и видео-производства. С Poser вы легко овладеете 3D-искусством, являетесь ли Вы опытным художником-аниматором, или же в первый раз решили побаловаться графикой. Кроме удобного интерфейса и гибкой настройки пользовательского окружения Poser включает полностью текстурированные, человеческие фигуры и животных, основные аксессуары, такие как волосы, одежда, реквизиты реального мира и элементы трехмерных сцен, плюс заготовки для человеческих персонажей разного телосложения и этнической принадлежности.

Основные возможности:
Figure Design
Poser makes working with the human form easily accessible with an intuitive user interface. Human and animal models are included for you to start designing and posing immediately. Click-and-drag to sculpt faces, pose body parts, or create various ethnic varieties. For those who require finer control; full body morphs, facial expression morphs, and bone rigging are available for any figure. All features and models are provided in a natural 3D environment for realistic depth, lighting and shadowing on any figure in any pose. Quickly and easily create shape variations with Poser’s brush based morphing tools.
With Poser, human and animal models are prepared for you to start designing and posing immediately. Figures are pre-rigged so artists can click-and-drag to pose body parts, sculpt faces, or create ethnic varieties. Thousands of poses, morphs, clothing, hair, materials, and accessories are included.
Poser’s powerful lighting and rendering tools deliver high-quality artistic effects. Create renders with natural lighting, shadows, subsurface scattering for realistic looking skin, caustics and volumetrics for smoke, fog and cloud effects. Customize your final output in many styles, including photorealism, sketch, cartoon, silhouette, real-time comic book mode and more.
Poser’s animation tools help you create stunning, realistic animations without much of the repetitive work involved in animating figures. Poser includes automatic keyframe creation, non-linear animation, lip syncing and a walk simulator to simplify the animation process.
Dynamic props and bullet physics move with your figure and add realism, bounce and jiggle to your animations. Clothing, table cloth, curtains drape and deform just as they do in real-life, while hair can be grown, styled and controlled dynamically as if blown by the wind.

Fit for Professional Creative Environments, PoserFusion plug-ins transform Poser into a character animation pipeline that will transport your Poser scenes into 3ds Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D and LightWave. Perfect for users working in industrial and architectural design, pre-visualization, theatrical set design, gaming prototype development, storyboarding, illustration and animation. PoserFusion will enable you to add 3D Poser characters to any project, saving you time and resources.

Нововведения в 11 версии:
SuperFly - Physically Based Rendering
Built on Blender’s Cycles Render Engine, SuperFly brings the power of physically based shading and rendering to Poser. Accurately rendering light the way it behaves in the real world makes it easier to produce hyper-realistic renders. Existing Poser users can choose to use the same familiar materials as for FireFly, or take full advantage of the SuperFly material system, by building Cycles or physically based shaders. GPU assisted rendering is supported via Nvidia CUDA (Poser Pro version only). For faster renders, users will be able to harness the power of their Nvidia GPU(s) when using the SuperFly renderer.
Improvements to Realtime Comic Book preview
Control all your comic mode settings with one easy-to-access panel. New Geometric Edge Lines automatically produce a geometry-based outline around figures which make amazing “ink” lines in OpenGL preview. The width of the geometric outlines for each material can be adjusted with settings in the Material room. You can create different “ink” weights for different parts of your figures and even set the outlines’ width to be controlled by key frames in your animation. This allows dynamic adjustment of “ink” weight in an animation.
Actor Selection History
This works like the history in your web browser, allowing you to keep track of recently accessed objects with back and forward buttons. You can see the whole history by right clicking the history buttons, and hot keys can be assigned to the previous and next actor (just like a web browser). This makes it easier to navigate through the actors in a scene while posing, and you always have a list of recently-modified parameters at your fingertips.
Custom Parameter Palettes
Add frequently accessed parameter dials to custom palettes so you always have those dials at you finger tips without selecting different actors or lists. The palettes are saved with figures, props and scenes upon request.
Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
This highly-requested feature allows you to customize Poser’s hot keys. Assign preferred keys to frequently performed tasks and map menu commands to the hot keys that you choose. You can also match the hot keys between Poser and your other programs so there’s nothing new to memorize.
Smooth Translation of Joints
This new rigging feature allows for smooth, weight mapped linear translation of body parts for smooth translations and a whole new dimension of control to figure rigging.
Adaptive Rigging using Morph Dependent Joint Centers (Creation is PRO)
Automatically set a figure’s joint center to match a drastic morph and automatically create the needed dependencies. Match clothes with one simple check box. Extreme morphs sometimes need the rotation centers for joints to be moved to accommodate the morphed shape, and this new tool automatically sets up the rig to match the morphed shape.
Animated Orientations
When a morph gets really wild, sometimes even the orientation of a joint needs to change, meaning which direction it moves when you twist or bend it. Now you can control a joint’s orientation by a morph.
New Female Figure
Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11 include a brand new, never before seen Poser figure: Pauline. This figure will be the standard in content creation for Poser 11 and is included FREE with the application.
Export a Partial Scene (Pro only)
When working on complex scenes, sometimes you need to separate parts out for distribution. This feature allows you to choose exactly which figures, props, lights, and cameras are included, and you can easily merge the scenes later on.
Export a Morph Injection (Pro only)
Content creators will find it handy to save a morph injection file right from the export menu. This tool creates a distributable morph injection file in a few clicks.
Area Lights
Simulates real world light sources more accurately, much like a photographer’s “Soft box” light. In the real world, lights are seldom a single point, so with adjustable-size lights, you can easily create realistic lighting conditions with soft shadows.
Simulates the way light reflects and refracts in a realistic way so you can accurately reproduce the behavior of light on refractive and reflective surfaces, like lenses focusing light and water creating ripples of light.
Volumetric Materials
Materials that transmit light can also produce volumetric effects which can simulate absorption and diffusion. This feature simulates the way light behaves inside a transparent object, like light picking up color in stained glass or being diffused in fog or smoke.
Measurements & Text Props (Creation PRO, Playback STD)
This allows you to create precise measurements in a Poser scene that are highly useful for forensics and recreating real world scenes. With a few clicks, you can create measurements that respond to the actors in the scene. As you move objects in the scene, the measurements update in real time.
High Density Display Support
This is a user-adjustable interface scale setting that resizes the entire user interface. If you have a high DPI monitor, you can scale up the interface. If you have a small monitor, you can scale it down to maximize screen real estate. It’s also useful for accessibility because the UI can be scaled up for easier reading. The addition of UI scaling makes Poser much easier to use on high DPI displays and allows easier accessibility for users with limited vision.
Improved Scene Manipulation Performance
Figure posing speed will be faster across the board, and scenes with lots of figures will be more responsive when posing figures.
Revamped Direct Manipulation Tool
A broader ribbon style and depth cueing make the new direct manipulation tool easier to use.
Auto-save saves your bacon. Customize the time between saves and how long a period of inactivity passes before it triggers.
Master Synchronized Morph Dials
Full Body Morphs can be controlled directly from any affected body part, and dials can be un-linked for individual control of morphs comprised of many smaller parts. The Master Synchronized Morph Dials feature allows you to control all the constituent parts from any part, not just the master dial.
Subdivision-level morph targets (Creating morphs PRO)
In Poser Pro, you can create high-resolution morphs right on the subdivided geometry and use the Export Morph Injection command to share them.
Improved Subdivision Surfaces
More robust handling of poor geometry. By integrating OpenSubdiv 3, support for meshes that were not originally designed for subdivision is enhanced.
Vertex Weight Painting Constrained to Material Groups
When editing vertex weights and morphs, you can limit the painted area by groups or materials. Sometimes when working with weight maps or creating morphs, you need to limit editing to a certain area, and these options give you more control over how you limit the editing area.
Figure Symmetry Improvements (Rigging symmetry is PRO)
Separate symmetry for rigging and posing. Symmetry is selectable down to individual body parts, giving you much more precise control over it. In custom mode, you can select anything from one body part to the entire figure to copy.
Control Handles (Creation of control handles is PRO)
Provides an easy way to give ghost bones a handle that is automatically excluded from renders, making it much easier to work with in the scene. Handles can be parented to any body part and set to control any other part.
Option to Prepend Morph Targets
Allows users to choose how a morph behaves when the body part it is attached to bends. This feature controls how a morph is created. Some morphs work better if they are processed before the figure is bent. Some work better after. Now you can choose the type you want.
Value Operator Editor (Value Op tab is PRO)
Gives content developers direct access to all Value Operator dependencies including scalar value. You’ll now do direct creation and naming of new parameter dials. This powerful new method of working with dependencies exposes the full power of Arithmetic Poser Dependencies, and it will be familiar to people who used to hack files to create dependencies.
Make Movie
Improved encoding preset handling, better support of codec configuration, and new support for “headless” codecs.
Layered Materials
Create layered materials to simulate the way light interacts in complex surfaces. It’s also great to make a tattoo or a scar.
Improved Library Search
Search your local library as well as partner brokerages for relevant items. Create wish list items you may want later. Tag content so you can build your own custom groups for easier content management. The new library will seamlessly include content from online sources and filter it by your own customizable tags.
Absolute Scaling for 3DS, DXF, LWO and OBJ import & export (Same PRO/STD split)
Easier import and export of geometry files because every 3D application has its own scale. Absolute scaling makes it easier to share content between Poser and other applications.
Alembic Export (PRO)
Point cache format for export allows for faithful reproduction of animated scenes in production pipelines.
Game Development Features (PRO)
Poser Pro Game Dev features have been added to Poser Pro 11, including game asset creation tools for Figure Combining, Polygon Reduction, Unseen Polygon Removal, FBX import/export and Kinect for Windows® support, all designed to produce size-efficient 3D character assets and scene files for gaming and Unity®.
Exposed Hidden Options in Dial Properties (PRO)
Enhanced ability to hide/unhide dials makes hidden parameters accessible. Exposed static property. Use the static option to force a single dial to stop animating. Its present value will be used throughout the animation. Simple selection tool. Sometimes you really just need to select something and you don’t want or need to move it. Now you can with simple select.
Architectural Improvement! Single Installer for Poser 11 & Poser Pro 11
Now there’s a single installation regardless of Poser flavor. Makes upgrading easy, there’s nothing to download.
Architectural Improvement! 3rd Party Component Updates
Embree 2.4 and OpenSubdiv 3

Reality Render плагин для Poser:
Reality - это решение для визуализации, расширяющее возможности Poser предоставляя самую передовую физически-точную систему на рынке. Плагин дает максимальную реалистичность для Poser с самым простым и приятным рабочим процессом. Reality имеет встроенные основанные на физике материалы. В любое время вы знаете, какой тип материала вы изменяете.

Процедура лечения:
Некоторые антивирусы в активаторах видят разновидности троянов: кейген Poser отчет virustotal, кейген Reality отчет virustotal.
Если нет уверенности в чистоте, то запускайте таблетки под виртуальной машиной или в изолированной зоне антивируса.

Активация Poser Pro
1. Для успешной активации блокируйте в файле hosts домен "my.nalpeiron.com" или настройте ваш Firewall.
2. В кейгене сформируйте данные для активации по кнопке "Get License" (не закрывать пока не вылечите).
3. Введите любое имя и email, а также серийный номер сформированный ранее в генераторе.
4. Снимите обязательно галочки с пунктов:
- "Я хотел бы получать периодические сообщения от Smith Micro"
- "Разрешить… отправить информацию Smith Micro".
5. Подтвердите данные. Потом выберите "Активировать", а затем - "Активировать вручную ...".
6. Нажмите "Создать запрос активации ...", а затем сохраните файл где-нибудь.
7. Сформируйте сертификат в кейгене по кнопке "Get Activation Sert", подставив созданный файл запроса.
8. Подставьте сертификат в Poser в соответствующее поле, а затем нажмите "Активировать".
9. Активация программы завершена (Файлы запроса и сертификата можно удалить).
10. Установите дополнительный контент, если нужен.

Активация Pret-a-3D Reality
1. Для успешной активации блокируйте в файле hosts домен "preta3d.com" или настройте ваш Firewall.
2. Заполните поля имен и email в кейгене, затем нажмите кнопку "Generate"
3. Запустите редактор плагина из меню в Poser (render -> reality render editor)
4. Выберите активацию вручную и заполните поля данными из кейгена (первые 5 полей)
5. Снимите галочку с пункта о получении уведомлений об обновлении программы
6. На следующем этапе перенесите значение из поля Act кейгена и сохраните
7. Далее выйдет окно об успешной активации и плагин запустится

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Smith Micro Poser Pro + Content + Reality[En]Smith Micro Poser Pro + Content + Reality[En]Smith Micro Poser Pro + Content + Reality[En]
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