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NewTek Lightwave 3D 2015.3 Build 2847 + Content [En]

NewTek Lightwave 3D 2015.3 Build 2847 + Content [En] скачать торрент

Год выпуска:2015
Требования:Процессор: Intel® Core™ 2 или AMD Athlon™ II (или лучше)
Оперативная память: 4GB минимум
ОС: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 64-bit
Видеокарта: минимум NVIDIA™ GeForce® 8400 series или ATI® X1600
Размер на диске: для программы 750MB, для контента 3GB.
Язык интерфейса:Английский
Лекарство:не требуется
Рейтинг на сайте:
LightWave 3D
сочетает в себе продвинутую визуализацию с мощным, интуитивно понятным моделированием и средствами анимации . Инструменты, которые могут стоить больших затрат в других профессиональных 3D приложениях, здесь уже входят в комплект поставки. LightWave используются во всем мире, как полное 3D решение для производства художественного фильма и телевизионных визуальных эффектов, оформления передач, печати графики, визуализации, разработки игр, а также Web.

Основные возможности:
LightWave set the standard for polygonal, subdivision surface modeling a decade before many of the other 3D software packages included even basic polygonal modeling tools. While others were basing their pipelines on clunky spline-patching workflows, LightWave artists were quickly and efficiently modeling with smooth subdivision surfaces interactively. LightWave continues to offer powerful, rock-solid modeling tools and the latest versions of LightWave raise the bar with increased interactivity and ease of use.

LightWave offers two surfacing systems to the artist. A fast, simple to use layer-based system, and a very flexible and powerful nodal system. Each offer different workflows to suit the artist - for quick results, the layered system is perfect for fast visualization and concept design. For those who like to dig deep, the nodal system offers ultimate creative freedom.
These systems can be used independently of each other, but unique to LightWave is the ability to mix them together. You can use the layered surfacing to achieve results quickly, then choose any of the surface properties to use in a nodal context. This allows you to create extremely complex results very quickly. The node system also includes easy to use physically accurate material shaders for glass, metal, skin and carpaint, allowing you to achieve photoreal results quickly.

The rigging tools in LightWave are fast and flexible and again offer artists choices in workflow. LightWave pioneered a very powerful and easy to set up automatic joint influence falloff system. This means that you can either choose to setup industry standard weight maps for your characters and rigged geometry or you can elect to bypass that often time-consuming weight mapping process for quick visualization and concept design animation workflows by using the automatic joint falloff that is built in to LightWave's animation system. This allows you to quickly and easily swap out geometry in rigs with zero weight map hassles. But you always have the choice to work with weight maps for that added control when your project requires it.

LightWave includes powerful procedural, nodal, and keyframe animation tools. An easy to use and customizable keyframe graph editor allows you to quickly place and edit keys, time scale, filter, and even manipulate your animations with expressions. Bake your animations per keyframe or with frame stepping and create motion clips to blend together within the non-linear motion mixer. You can even bake animations to Autodesk geometry cache or industry standard MDD files to simplify the scene for rendering or for export to other animation packages.
For facial animation LightWave includes an efficient blend-shape system called Endomorphs which includes all of your morph targets within your base object. Endomorphs can even be sculpted in ZBrush using the new ZBrush GoZ interchange tools included in LightWave.

Virtual Studio Tools
LightWave’s development team is bridging the gap between real and virtual worlds, by bringing together the broadest array in any application of new devices with which to interact with the set and characters inside LightWave's virtual stage and model shop. Device support ranges from economical mice, tablets and game system controllers to the sensor arrays and custom cameras and devices used let directors, lighting grips and camera operators walk a real set and fully capture their data into the virtual set modeled in LightWave. Applications range from propelling your camera on an architectural flythrough using a 6DoF mouse to puppeteering your characters live on stage using Playstation Move controllers, to recording every camera move shot for shot for a major motion picture, a technique pioneered on the film Avatar.

Instancing allows vast duplication of objects in a scene with very little overhead. With instancing huge ‘virtual’ polygon counts can be achieved allowing the artist to populate their scenes with incredible detail, yet retain reasonable render times and memory usage.
While instances can be thought of as clones of the original source objects, they do not need to look identical. They can be randomly scaled, positioned, rotated and even surfaced entirely differently from the source, allowing for a huge variety of uses.

Bullet Dynamics
Bullet is a fast, production-proven, open source physics engine that is used in many high profile, effects-driven films and real-time game engines. Bullet features 3D rigid body dynamics originally created by Erwin Coumans.
LightWave 11 features the Bullet dynamics engine directly in Layout so that it can be used with the new Fracture tool in Modeler to create compelling physics-based animation. Things like collapsing buildings, explosions, and even natural placement of items in a random pattern, would otherwise be difficult to do by hand.

Hypervoxels allows you to create beautiful smoke, flame, liquids, explosions, nebulas, clouds or any other volumetric effect that you can imagine. With real-time interactive support within LightWave's VPR, you can experiment and adjust volumetric effects to your heart's content. All calculated at beautiful, final render quality directly within the LightWave interface.

Is a robust, fully-featured particle engine within LightWave. The flexibility of ParticleFX allows a wide variety of looks; from explosive effects to slow moving smoke-like behaviors. Particle emitters can be stand-alone, or attached to objects to emit particles from their vertices, polygon normals or surfaces.
ParticleFX works seamlessly with HyperVoxels to allow the rendering of particles in any way imaginable.

If you need hair, fur, feathers, or scales then the FiberFX tools included with LightWave are just what you are looking for. Styling and guide creation tools are included so that you can get your fibers looking just as you envision. FiberFX is known for its visual quality and its consistent look in various different lighting environments. FiberFX includes a beautiful and speedy pixel shader mode and for complex scenes where you need fibers to be ray traced in reflections or refractions you have the option of a more detailed volumetric mode.

LightWave’s flocking system is based on 3D computer models of coordinated animal motion, things like flocks of birds, herds of animals or schools of fish. It can be used with LightWave’s instancing system or HyperVoxels.
Use the Flock controller, which calculates crowd avoidance of neighbors, target alignment, and cohesive attractions, to create realistic natural motions, with ease.

Classic examples of flocking motion are:
Flocks of Birds
Schools of Fish
Swarms of Insects
Animal Herd Behaviors
Craft Maneuvers (planes, alien ships, etc)

Network Software Renderer
LightWave includes one of the world's most amazing render engines at no extra cost. Everything comes down to the final rendered image and with LightWave you don't have to buy extra rendering software to setup a complex render and shading pipeline. LightWave has everything you need to achieve the most amazing results at the highest quality. You will quickly see why LightWave is the Emmy Award-Winning Software used on so many top Hollywood films, television shows, commercials, music videos, and games.

VPR (Viewport Preview Renderer)
LightWave's VPR (Viewport Preview Renderer) is an interactive renderer that enables artists to experiment with lighting, textures, volumetrics, and shading right in the LightWave viewport. VPR produces results which are similar to a final rendered image and often at a fraction of the time. VPR also has the advantage of being able to render in any viewport and with any view type, which demonstrates the versatility of the renderer.
VPR provides you with instant results and a shockingly fast interactive rendered view of scenes and objects with interactive lighting, nodal shading and full support for instancing, fibers, and volumetrics. The VPR has to be seen to be believed... users of previous LightWave versions refuse to go back after experiencing the LightWave interactive VPR rendering system right in their viewport window.

Linear Colorspace Workflow
Linear Colorspace Workflow is the process of ensuring all scene assets that are fed to the renderer are in the same colorspace as the render engine. The resulting rendered image also needs profiling for the target display it will be viewed on in order to look correct.
This process can be quite complex in other software. In LightWave, it's as simple as turning it on, and choosing the output profile. LWF in LightWave supports standard sRGB as well as ICC Color Profiles. You have complete control over which assets are profiled, along with pre-defined presets to make setup a one-click process.

Stereoscopic Rendering
LightWave offers all three major stereo camera rigs including parallel, toe-in, and off-axis rig types. Artists have the ability to dynamically correct for toe-in distortion in the animation pipeline and preview the stereoscopic effect interactively in OpenGL with a simple click-and-drag convergence point adjustment in the viewport. The interocular and convergence points can be dynamically animated over time to track stereo changes within a shot and the rig included in LightWave is the same exact rig used by several top Hollywood production companies on full stereoscopic IMAX 60mm feature film effects sequences on projects including 'Aliens of the Deep' and 'Ghosts of the Abyss' both by James Cameron.

Python is an industry standard programming language prevalent in most CG pipelines. The inclusion of Python in LightWave 11 allows even further integration of LightWave into studio pipelines, as those familiar with Python can quickly begin writing tools for LightWave.

LightWave has extremely robust interchange tools tested and production-proven by top Hollywood studios. This allows easy dataflow back and forth between LightWave and the other major 3D animation and effects software packages. LightWave offers a complete pipeline from model to render but the sky is the limit with your pipeline setup. LightWave can solve problems and offer unique solutions for any mixed software pipeline.
For example, rig and animate in Maya and then export your geometry cache files directly into LightWave where you can build your environments, add effects, and then render the entire project in LightWave. Or simply model and texture your geometry in LightWave and export via FBX to any major package. Another example would be quickly rigging in LightWave and exporting the rig to Motionbuilder where you can apply motion capture files and then import the final character performance into Maya or Max. It's your pipeline with your unique needs. LightWave can be a powerful tool to solve a large number of production problems and help streamline your project.

FBX is one of the standards for 3D file interchange. FBX files can be imported and exported with a few button clicks with support for bones, weights, geometry, textures, UV’s, Camera, and Lights. Our FBX support makes it even easier to integrate LightWave content into a variety of pipelines including motion capture and games.

OBJ Geometry Export
OBJ import and export has been further improved in LightWave 11. Large OBJs are now saved much faster than before. OBJs textured with image maps or numeric values in other packages will come in textured but Nodal or procedural textures will not translate in either direction. Autodesk’s Maya™ reverses diffuse and ambient, so make sure you save OBJ files for Maya using the switch provided on the OBJ tab of Options to ensure that your textures are transported correctly.

MDD Geometry Cache
MDD is a proprietary format developed by NewTek and was the first commercially available geometry and deformation caching file format. MDD is widely used in many 3D packages and provides an easy way to move animated characters, dynamic simulations, and geometry deformations between packages. The MDD Multi Baker allows users to select multiple objects at once to bake and allows the user to export the geometry to .OBJ in one step.

Autodesk™ Geometry Cache™
LightWave also includes integrated support for Autodesk Geometry Cache files as an alternative for geometry and deformation baking. This makes it extremely simple to transfer files to and from Autodesk Maya™ or any other 3D software that support these formats. This allows LightWave’s efficient production proven workflow and exceptional renderer to be integrated easily within any pipeline setup to help studios meet demanding budgets and schedules.

ZBrush GoZ™ Support
GoZ™ is an interchange technology from Pixologic® that allows applications to send model and texture data to and from ZBrush™ for sculpting detail on a base mesh. It has proven incredibly popular among many 3D artists.
The GoZ implementation in LightWave Layout and Modeler is robust and fully featured. It allows you to exchange model data, along with all the associated texture maps. The Modeler implementation even lets you use ZBrush for sculpting Endomorphs for things like facial morphs.
GoZ now allows LightWave to be even more integrated within studio pipelines, making it a great addition to the LightWave toolset.

Unity Game Engine Support
LightWave can now save scenes for Unity to enable a seamless transfer between the two programs with an automated FBX file export system which is updated every time your LightWave scene changes.

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NewTek Lightwave 2015.3 Build 2847 + Content (682 файла)
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Constraints (3 файла)
Images (18 файлов)
jpg 04BACK1.jpg (26.00 kB)
jpg 04BACK2.jpg (39.87 kB)
jpg 04FABRIC.jpg (29.23 kB)
jpg 04GLASS1.jpg (38.16 kB)
jpg 04GLASS2.jpg (30.58 kB)
jpg 04GLASS3.jpg (29.67 kB)
jpg 04GLASS4.jpg (40.45 kB)
jpg 04HEAD1.jpg (33.12 kB)
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jpg 04REK.jpg (23.61 kB)
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jpg 04TOP.jpg (19.23 kB)
jpg 04TYRE.jpg (28.58 kB)
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jpg 04TYRESF.jpg (24.11 kB)
Objects (17 файлов)
file Bell.lwo (31.30 kB)
file Block.lwo (664 b)
file Car_04_l.lwo (63.03 kB)
file Cube.lwo (1.61 kB)
file DeformedFloor.lwo (11.86 kB)
file Floor.lwo (1.22 kB)
file New Cube Object.lwo (736 b)
file Parts_Cube.lwo (101.16 kB)
file Plate-lower.lwo (664 b)
file Plate-upper.lwo (664 b)
file Plate.lwo (1.61 kB)
file Slider_plate.lwo (2.74 kB)
file Top.lwo (660 b)
file box.lwo (656 b)
file groundplate.lwo (752 b)
file light.lwo (2.96 kB)
file snake.lwo (30.26 kB)
Scenes (16 файлов)
file 6dof_jeep.lws (53.65 kB)
file Bells_ConeConstraint.lws (165.59 kB)
file Double_Spring.lws (70.92 kB)
file DualHingeBlocks.lws (173.63 kB)
file HingeBreak.lws (211.64 kB)
file Hinge_PointToPoint.lws (70.93 kB)
file PointToPoint_Slider.lws (70.94 kB)
file PointToPoint_deactivation.lws (70.78 kB)
file PointToPoint_three_bodies.lws (74.68 kB)
file Simple6DOF.lws (46.44 kB)
file SimpleConeTwist.lws (46.42 kB)
file Slider-EnableCollision.lws (51.66 kB)
file SliderCollision.lws (48.58 kB)
file Spring_Slider.lws (70.93 kB)
file Spring_train.lws (64.06 kB)
file conetwistsnake.lws (280.43 kB)
Fighting_Rollers (3 файла)
Images (1 файл)
png Tatami_v2.png (221.91 kB)
Objects (6 файлов)
file Blue_Disk.lwo (6.63 kB)
file Lum.lwo (978 b)
file Orange_disk.lwo (5.45 kB)
file Plane.lwo (970 b)
file Roller.lwo (67.81 kB)
file tatami.lwo (15.27 kB)
Scenes (1 файл)
file Figthing_Rollers.lws (779.19 kB)
Formula_LW (2 файла)
Objects (4 файла)
file FormulaLW_Blue.lwo (56.37 kB)
file FormulaLW_Orange.lwo (56.38 kB)
file FormulaLW_Red.lwo (56.37 kB)
file RaceTrack.lwo (65.20 kB)
Scenes (1 файл)
file Formula_LW.lws (281.90 kB)
Mars_Explorer (2 файла)
Objects (4 файла)
file Rover.lwo (4.31 kB)
file RoverHiGH.lwo (1.67 MB)
file Stone.lwo (6.71 kB)
file Terrain.lwo (1.38 MB)
Scenes (1 файл)
file Bullet_Mars_Explorer.lws (671.41 kB)
Mecha_Cable (2 файла)
Objects (1 файл)
file Mecha_leg_No_Tubes.lwo (1.08 MB)
Scenes (1 файл)
file MechaCable.lws (597.47 kB)
RagDolling (3 файла)
Images (2 файла)
png crashdummies_map_back.png (35.73 kB)
png crashdummies_map_front.png (46.09 kB)
Objects (3 файла)
file Box.lwo (660 b)
file Floor.lwo (1.06 kB)
file RagDoll.lwo (58.06 kB)
Scenes (13 файлов)
file RagDolling_Sample_01.lws (682.33 kB)
file RagDolling_Sample_02.lws (679.65 kB)
file RagDolling_Sample_03.lws (683.07 kB)
file RagDolling_Sample_04.lws (682.56 kB)
file RagDolling_Sample_05.lws (679.39 kB)
file RagDolling_Sample_06.lws (683.01 kB)
file RagDolling_Sample_Four_RagDolls_01.lws (2.53 MB)
file RagDolling_Sample_Four_RagDolls_02.lws (2.53 MB)
file RagDolling_Sample_Four_RagDolls_03.lws (2.53 MB)
file RagDolling_Sample_Four_RagDolls_04.lws (2.55 MB)
file RagDolling_Sample_Two_RagDolls_01.lws (1.28 MB)
file RagDolling_Sample_Two_RagDolls_02.lws (1.28 MB)
file RagDolling_Sample_Two_RagDolls_03.lws (1.28 MB)
Remote_Controlled_Car (3 файла)
Images (6 файлов)
jpg 03-brakes.jpg (359.25 kB)
jpg 03-corvette_logo.jpg (85.00 kB)
jpg 03-orange2.jpg (48.71 kB)
jpg 03-plate_tx.jpg (96.96 kB)
jpg 10-red.jpg (96.67 kB)
jpg 16-grid.jpg (176.39 kB)
Objects (4 файла)
file CAR_Low_Poly.lwo (5.02 kB)
file Car_Demo.lwo (3.76 MB)
file GroundPlane.lwo (1.76 kB)
file Terrain.lwo (1.38 MB)
Scenes (5 файлов)
file Remote_Controlled_Car.lws (386.91 kB)
file Remote_Controlled_Car_No_Animation_.lws (374.33 kB)
file Remote_Controlled_Car_Plane.lws (384.77 kB)
file multiple_vehicles_tutorial.lws (1.50 MB)
file vehicle_tutorial.lws (130.72 kB)
Stairs (2 файла)
Objects (3 файла)
file Floor.lwo (996 b)
file Plate.lwo (20.30 kB)
file wall.lwo (652 b)
Scenes (2 файла)
file stairs.lws (126.34 kB)
file stairs_no_dynamics.lws (45.84 kB)
Genoma2 (5 файлов)
Elf_Genoma2 (3 файла)
Images (16 файлов)
jpg Cloth_ Transp_UV.jpg (402.52 kB)
jpg Cloth_UV.jpg (8.45 MB)
jpg Cloth_UV_Bump.jpg (7.09 MB)
file Eye_Reflection.hdr (543.60 kB)
file Eye_UV.tga (732.46 kB)
jpg Eyelash_UV_Mask.jpg (363.77 kB)
jpg Inner Mouth.jpg (3.35 MB)
jpg Inner Mouth_Bump.jpg (2.32 MB)
jpg Shoe_Sole-Bump.jpg (797.90 kB)
jpg Shoe_Sole.jpg (870.39 kB)
jpg Skin.jpg (24.75 MB)
jpg Skin_Bump.jpg (27.36 MB)
jpg Skin_Specular.jpg (524.80 kB)
file ext_sunrise_rural_street_CSP.exr (25.58 MB)
file kitchen_blur.hdr (1.10 MB)
jpg tooth_detail.jpg (1.81 MB)
Objects (3 файла)
file Elf_Genoma2.lwo (1.33 MB)
file Elf_Hair.lwo (564.31 kB)
file Ground.lwo (876 b)
Scenes (2 файла)
file Elf_Genoma2_Hair.lws (664.38 kB)
file Elf_Genoma2_Hair_Render.lws (659.21 kB)
Genoma_Preset_Samples (1 файл)
Objects (10 файлов)
file FK_Control_1_Rot_Symmetry.lwo (2.80 kB)
file FK_Control_Aligner.lwo (4.28 kB)
file FK_Controls.lwo (7.10 kB)
file IK_Chain.lwo (9.60 kB)
file InsectLeg.lwo (16.90 kB)
file Math_Expression_Sample.lwo (3.52 kB)
file Merged_FK_Controls.lwo (7.03 kB)
file Scripted_FK_Controls.lwo (5.67 kB)
file Unguligrade_ForeLeg.lwo (15.19 kB)
file Unguligrade_HindLeg.lwo (15.60 kB)
Human_Rig (2 файла)
Objects (1 файл)
file Human_Rig.lwo (195.75 kB)
Scenes (1 файл)
file Human_Rig.lws (599.30 kB)
Mecha_Rig (3 файла)
Images (2 файла)
file ext_sunrise_rural_street_CSP.exr (25.58 MB)
file fin4_Ref.exr (15.60 MB)
Objects (9 файлов)
file Animated_Legs.lwo (4.61 MB)
file Ground.lwo (888 b)
file LegLayers.lwo (2.67 MB)
file Lum.lwo (542 b)
file MechaBody.lwo (3.91 MB)
file MechaGenoma_For_Dynamics.lwo (16.00 kB)
file MechaLegs.lwo (4.76 MB)
file MechaOneLayer.lwo (10.13 MB)
file Mecha_Genoma_Parent.lwo (1.56 MB)
Scenes (5 файлов)
file Mecha_Rig_One_Layer.lws (321.03 kB)
file Mecha_Rig_Parented_Layers.lws (391.31 kB)
file Mecha_Rig_Parented_Layers_restPose.lws (391.23 kB)
file Mecha_Walking.lws (870.16 kB)
file Walking_Machine.lws (450.50 kB)
Panther_Rig (2 файла)
Objects (1 файл)
file Digitigrade_Rig.lwo (106.01 kB)
Scenes (1 файл)
file Panther_Rig.lws (327.02 kB)
ImportanceSampling (2 файла)
FishingGame_By_Mis (5 файлов)
Images (18 файлов)
file BrodSKorpe.bmp (112.55 kB)
file Brodskive.bmp (1.16 MB)
png Eyes.png (54.83 kB)
jpg Fingerprint Thum.jpg (16.27 kB)
file Fisk 1.bmp (297.56 kB)
file Fisk 2.bmp (291.51 kB)
file Fisk 3.bmp (286.33 kB)
file Fisk 4.bmp (304.06 kB)
file FiskePlade.bmp (7.03 MB)
png Fluebagben.png (82.43 kB)
jpg Genbump1.jpg (64.78 kB)
png KaffePlet-1_farvet.png (78.50 kB)
jpg Snor_textur.jpg (1.94 kB)
jpg a.jpg (47.68 kB)
file bordplade trae.bmp (20.34 MB)
jpg fly texture.jpg (41.77 kB)
png fly-texture.png (185.79 kB)
file kitchen_probe.hdr (974.07 kB)
Objects (12 файлов)
file Brod med krummer.lwo (23.67 kB)
file Fad_med_appelsiner.lwo (19.07 kB)
file Fiske Spil_Done.lwo (377.30 kB)
file Flue.lwo (23.86 kB)
file GUL Fisk.lwo (40.29 kB)
file GUL Fisk_knaekket.lwo (266.07 kB)
file Groen Fisk.lwo (40.95 kB)
file Groen Fisk_knaekket.lwo (266.90 kB)
file Light Blocker.lwo (692 b)
file PINK Fisk.lwo (39.08 kB)
file Roed Fisk.lwo (39.02 kB)
file vignette tube.lwo (2.95 kB)
Renders (1 файл)
jpg FishingGame_by_Mis.jpg (601.10 kB)
Scenes (1 файл)
file FishingGame_by_Mis_2014.lws (109.21 kB)
txt Teddy-Mis-Info.txt (1.39 kB)
Mecha_IS (3 файла)
Images (1 файл)
HDRI_IlluminatedTools (21 файл)
file IlluminatedTools.rtf (1.24 kB)
file ext_day_MountainLake_CSP.exr (22.17 MB)
jpg ext_day_MountainLake_CSP.jpg (96.70 kB)
file ext_day_freshSnowopenStreet_CSP.exr (22.63 MB)
jpg ext_day_freshSnowopenStreet_CSP.jpg (98.66 kB)
file ext_morning_Mountain_Fall_leaves.exr (28.30 MB)
jpg ext_morning_Mountain_Fall_leaves.jpg (145.00 kB)
file ext_night_city_undermonorail.exr (33.16 MB)
jpg ext_night_city_undermonorail.jpg (115.73 kB)
file ext_sunrise_rural_street_CSP.exr (25.58 MB)
jpg ext_sunrise_rural_street_CSP.jpg (118.95 kB)
file ext_sunset_cabin_dirtroad.exr (27.41 MB)
jpg ext_sunset_cabin_dirtroad.jpg (111.95 kB)
file int_day_Oldfactory_garage.exr (36.99 MB)
jpg int_day_Oldfactory_garage.jpg (97.77 kB)
file int_day_cabin_red_curtain.exr (35.47 MB)
jpg int_day_cabin_red_curtain.jpg (140.31 kB)
file int_day_office_softLights.exr (29.70 MB)
jpg int_day_office_softLights.jpg (95.77 kB)
file int_night_subwayPlatform.exr (28.63 MB)
jpg int_night_subwayPlatform.jpg (91.03 kB)
Objects (3 файла)
file Ground.lwo (614 b)
file MechaBody.lwo (46.14 MB)
file MechaLeg.lwo (58.76 MB)
Scenes (2 файла)
file MechaImportanceSampling_Interpolated.lws (21.41 kB)
file MechaImportanceSampling_MonteCarlo.lws (21.30 kB)
Parenter (1 файл)
MechaArm (3 файла)
Dynamics (2 файла)
file bonechains.dynacache (1.52 MB)
file bonechains_v001.dynacache (1.52 MB)
Objects (3 файла)
file Dynamic_Objects.lwo (78.71 kB)
file Mecha_Arm_Parenter_Left.lwo (1.15 MB)
file wall.lwo (3.27 kB)
Scenes (2 файла)
file MechaArm_Parenter.lws (221.52 kB)
file MechaArm_Parenter_Tutorial.lws (222.90 kB)
WorkFlow_Improvements (3 файла)
Images (13 файлов)
file Kitchen_Probe.pic (974.07 kB)
png Pedestal4_lowres.png (16.96 kB)
jpg alpha_manga_top.jpg (36.12 kB)
jpg arbiter.jpg (369.01 kB)
jpg back.jpg (17.11 kB)
jpg bscap15blur.jpg (99.45 kB)
jpg bump_genel.jpg (138.64 kB)
jpg bump_x.jpg (189.39 kB)
jpg deneme_bump2b.jpg (61.82 kB)
jpg deneme_bump_kash.jpg (56.71 kB)
jpg deneme_diff2.jpg (170.64 kB)
jpg deneme_jpg2h.jpg (241.08 kB)
jpg kulak_bump.jpg (192.52 kB)
Objects (16 файлов)
file 1m_GroundPlane.lwo (526 b)
file 1m_GroundPlane_Celshaded.lwo (1.50 kB)
file 6x2m_Plane_MipMapStrength02-5.lwo (828 b)
file 6x2m_Plane_MipMapStrength05-0.lwo (828 b)
file 6x2m_Plane_MipMapStrength10-0.lwo (828 b)
file 6x2m_Plane_MipMapStrength25-0.lwo (828 b)
file ChainLink.lwo (221.82 kB)
file HumanHead_Frozen.lwo (243.98 kB)
file Intersecting_Edges_Box.lwo (668 b)
file ModelerSplineB.lwo (1.03 kB)
file Nail_Celshaded.lwo (7.82 kB)
file PipeBends.lwo (812 b)
file Raycast_Car.lwo (222.67 kB)
file Raycast_Rockcopy.lwo (7.91 kB)
file SubpatchBall.lwo (1.41 kB)
file mangalore_model.lwo (541.57 kB)
Scenes (9 файлов)
file CameraRigFollowsModelerSplineTrack.lws (16.31 kB)
file Edges-IntersectingEdges.lws (37.21 kB)
file Edges-SubpatchBorders.lws (20.75 kB)
file IndependentViews_Camera.lws (32.80 kB)
file IndependentViews_Light.lws (33.04 kB)
file IntersectingEdges_Boxes.lws (44.60 kB)
file IntersectingEdges_Boxes_Instances.lws (29.05 kB)
file MipMapping.lws (27.97 kB)
file SplineInstancing-ChainSnake.lws (23.90 kB)
LightWave_Content (6 файлов)
Dynamics (1 файл)
Raycast (2 файла)
file burn.pfx (1.60 MB)
file sparks.pfx (471.56 kB)
Images (12 файлов)
3dPrintingExamples (3 файла)
png Eye.png (136.16 kB)
png Pedestal4.png (154.31 kB)
png Skin.png (4.00 MB)
Animals (1 файл)
Dino_Shark (4 файла)
file DinoShark_DispMap.tif (3.69 MB)
file DinoShark_NormalMap.tif (7.26 MB)
file PM3D_SHARK_19_low_TXTR.tif (5.16 MB)
file Thumbs.db (21.00 kB)
Bullet_Dynamics (21 файл)
jpg 2572996930_ce9bf5539f.jpg (78.72 kB)
file DarkFractal.tga (192.04 kB)
jpg LW3dGroupDivision_Logo.jpg (172.28 kB)
file LW_LOGO.tga (308.88 kB)
jpg L[6]_logo_white.jpg (110.06 kB)
file LightWave_Logo.tga (308.88 kB)
jpg PiranhaAlien_Diffuse_Color.jpg (1.05 MB)
file PiranhaAlien_Displacement.tif (64.00 MB)
jpg SleeveCloth_Texture.jpg (626.80 kB)
jpg alpha_manga_top.jpg (36.12 kB)
jpg arbiter.jpg (369.01 kB)
jpg back.jpg (17.11 kB)
jpg bscap15blur.jpg (99.45 kB)
jpg bump_genel.jpg (138.64 kB)
jpg bump_x.jpg (189.39 kB)
jpg deneme_bump2b.jpg (61.82 kB)
jpg deneme_bump_kash.jpg (56.71 kB)
jpg deneme_diff2.jpg (170.64 kB)
jpg deneme_jpg2h.jpg (241.08 kB)
jpg kulak_bump.jpg (192.52 kB)
jpg masonry-wall-texture.jpg (475.70 kB)
DPX (2 файла)
file MVI_3496_00000.dpx (7.91 MB)
file MVI_4388_00001.dpx (7.91 MB)
FiberFX (3 файла)
jpg L[6]_logo_white.jpg (110.06 kB)
jpg light-leopard-fur (2).jpg (200.54 kB)
jpg raccoon_fur_reference_by_cravingotters-d4z6s9d.jpg (429.02 kB)
Flocking (3 файла)
file Spider_ZB_TXTR.tif (48.00 MB)
file Thumbs.db (23.00 kB)
jpg clouds.jpg (1.11 MB)
Generic (4 файла)
wood (2 файла)
png NussMaserAmerikan.png (12.52 MB)
png OliveschenMaser.png (13.11 MB)
jpg Checkerboard.jpg (10.80 kB)
jpg leather_bump.jpg (90.93 kB)
Genoma (6 файлов)
png Dragon_Color.png (1.81 MB)
png Dragon_Normal.png (1.11 MB)
png Dragon_Specular.png (85.76 kB)
file Spider_ZB_TXTR.tif (48.00 MB)
file Thumbs.db (23.00 kB)
jpg floor.jpg (5.04 MB)
HDR (6 файлов)
file Bryant_Park_2k.hdr (6.77 MB)
file Building_Probe.pic (1.01 MB)
file Kitchen_1-9_6.hdr (13.18 MB)
file Kitchen_Probe.pic (974.07 kB)
file WinterForest_Ref.hdr (24.49 MB)
file fin4_Ref.exr (15.60 MB)
Instancing (25 файлов)
png Fade_Horizontal_1k.png (7.21 kB)
png LightWave_Logo_B&W.png (11.62 kB)
jpg Spaceship_Texture_by_svenniemannie.png.jpg (168.50 kB)
file bud-yellow-1-bump.tga (180.33 kB)
file bud-yellow-1.tga (191.52 kB)
file grass-color-01.tga (96.04 kB)
file grass-color-02.tga (96.04 kB)
file grass-color-03.tga (96.04 kB)
file grass-color-13.tga (96.04 kB)
file grass-color-18.tga (96.04 kB)
file grass-color-23.tga (96.04 kB)
file grass-specular-01.tga (83.31 kB)
file grass-specular-03.tga (96.04 kB)
file grass-specular-04.tga (82.85 kB)
file ground-01.tga (3.00 MB)
file heather-trunk-03.tga (96.04 kB)
file petal-blue-01.tga (162.59 kB)
file petal-blue-02.tga (162.61 kB)
file petal-pink-02.tga (177.01 kB)
file petal-pink-03.tga (169.47 kB)
file petal-white-1.tga (144.23 kB)
file petal-white-3.tga (192.04 kB)
file petal-yellow-1.tga (192.04 kB)
file petal-yellow-2.tga (192.04 kB)
jpg star_02.jpg (1.17 MB)
Props (1 файл)
Katana (6 файлов)
png Katana_BladeHamonSpec.png (621.98 kB)
png Katana_HandleCloth.png (96.42 kB)
png Katana_HandleGrunge_ALP.png (78.48 kB)
png Katana_HandlePummel_ALP.png (19.40 kB)
png Katana_HandleTopBump.png (36.05 kB)
png Katana_HiltFlat_ALP.png (263.95 kB)
Render (7 файлов)
psd (3 файла)
file 01_SubDLevelsMatter.psd (159.34 kB)
file 02_TheFiveBasicEdgeTypes.psd (790.46 kB)
file 03_Edges-NodeEditor.psd (529.35 kB)
png 01_SubDLevelsMatter.png (12.02 kB)
png 02_TheFiveBasicEdgeTypes.png (59.28 kB)
png 03_Edges-NodeEditor.png (51.03 kB)
png 04_EdgesMustExistInOrderToGetTraced.png (19.41 kB)
png eye.png (9.60 kB)
png eyebrow3.png (4.26 kB)
LUT (2 файла)
file LUT_Example.3dl (381.58 kB)
file LUT_Example.cube (864.11 kB)
Nodes (2 файла)
RayCastAssist (2 файла)
RayCast-NodalDisplacement (1 файл)
file RayCast-HeatShrink.nodes (4.37 kB)
RayCast-NodalMotion (2 файла)
file RayCast-ConvertHitNormalToHPB.nodes (4.36 kB)
file Raycast-ReflectRotation.nodes (7.98 kB)
file Coordinates.nodes (10.73 kB)
Objects (12 файлов)
3dPrintingExamples (2 файла)
01_Learning (1 файл)
file 01_DosAndDonts.lwo (15.68 kB)
02_Examples (3 файла)
file Alien_Emissary_forPrinting.lwo (33.75 MB)
file LW-Logo-Coaster_v004.lwo (4.37 MB)
file LW-Logo-Coaster_v004_forExport.lwo (6.06 MB)
Animals (4 файла)
txt AboutTheCow.txt (197 b)
file Dino_Shark.lwo (2.39 MB)
file Snake.lwo (101.79 kB)
file cow.lwo (221.15 kB)
Benchmarks (2 файла)
Marbles (5 файлов)
file Marble-BubbledGlass-2.lwo (560.94 kB)
file Marble-GlassTwist.lwo (79.37 kB)
file Marble-PaintSwirls.lwo (66.74 kB)
file Marble-TriSwirl-Bubbled.lwo (324.94 kB)
file Marble-White.lwo (63.83 kB)
file CarPaintWoodGround.lwo (153.94 kB)
Bullet_Dynamics (43 файла)
file Ball.lwo (10.79 kB)
file Boxes.lwo (40.74 kB)
file Bullet_Cloth_Reveal.lwo (135.68 kB)
file Bullet_Element.lwo (224.73 kB)
file Car.lwo (9.37 kB)
file Chocolate.lwo (50.10 kB)
file Cloth.lwo (239.79 kB)
file Cloth_Bones.lwo (53.73 kB)
file Cloth_Car.lwo (239.79 kB)
file Cloth_Distance.lwo (53.68 kB)
file Cloth_LW3DGroup.lwo (11.74 kB)
file Cloth_Transformed.lwo (239.80 kB)
file Dynamic_Elements.lwo (260.37 kB)
file Dynamic_Horns.lwo (8.62 kB)
file Force_test.lwo (18.71 kB)
file Goal.lwo (50.56 kB)
file GoundPlane.lwo (936 b)
file GoundPlane_03.lwo (936 b)
file GoundPlane_HD.lwo (904 b)
file Ground.lwo (540 b)
file Groundplane_02.lwo (3.63 kB)
file Hair_Ball.lwo (314.92 kB)
file Hair_Ball_Deforming.lwo (323.27 kB)
file Hair_Ball_Deforming_Hybrid.lwo (154.69 kB)
file Hair_Ball_Kinematic.lwo (314.92 kB)
file Humanoid_Mesh_Genoma_Mocap.lwo (276.19 kB)
file Humanoid_Mesh_Genoma_Mocap_Subdivided.lwo (389.30 kB)
file Humanoid_Mesh_Genoma_Mocap_Subdivided_fente.lwo (386.14 kB)
file Humanoid_Mesh_Genoma_Mocap_Subdivided_multiple_fente.lwo (378.82 kB)
file Kin.lwo (1.14 MB)
file LW11_Bullet_Dominoes.lwo (496.96 kB)
file LW_Dragon.lwo (1.52 MB)
file Manta.lwo (24.97 kB)
file PiranhaAlien.lwo (1.12 MB)
file Plane.lwo (560 b)
file SleeveCloth.lwo (91.26 kB)
file SoccerBall.lwo (11.31 kB)
file Soft_Cape.lwo (12.89 kB)
file Soft_Cape_Subdivided.lwo (49.68 kB)
file Tower.lwo (2.21 MB)
file Water_Particles.lwo (20.10 kB)
file thick_cape.lwo (27.68 kB)
file web.lwo (27.30 kB)
FiberFX (16 файлов)
file BackGround.lwo (3.30 kB)
file Bird.lwo (250.70 kB)
file Braids_Curve.lwo (2.23 kB)
file Cloth.lwo (107.32 kB)
file Curve_bundle.lwo (800 b)
file Fantasy_Rock.lwo (57.56 kB)
file Fibers14_Curves.lwo (1.99 MB)
file Fibers29_Curves.lwo (419.40 kB)
file Fibers91_Curves.lwo (77.74 kB)
file Giraffe.lwo (591.06 kB)
file GroundPlane.lwo (442 b)
file Ground_Plane.lwo (3.54 kB)
file Leopard_Fur.lwo (20.64 kB)
file Tail_Mixed .lwo (631.21 kB)
file Twisted_Hair.lwo (3.83 kB)
file ZB_Dog.lwo (672.11 kB)
Flocking (8 файлов)
file Background.lwo (4.58 kB)
file FlyingProbes.lwo (348.10 kB)
file Pred_Prey_Spiders.lwo (2.88 MB)
file Pred_Prey_Terrain.lwo (29.15 kB)
file Race_Track.lwo (140.24 kB)
file Spaceship.lwo (467.43 kB)
file Sparrow.lwo (10.16 kB)
file base.lwo (400.03 kB)
Genoma (10 файлов)
file Genoma_Spider.lwo (1.43 MB)
file GroundPlane.lwo (4.13 kB)
file GroundPlane_Mann.lwo (442 b)
file Mannequin_Genoma.lwo (1.28 MB)
file New Ground Plane Object.lwo (2.45 kB)
file Rogue_State_Dragon_Genoma.lwo (905.94 kB)
file Rogue_State_Dragon_Soft_Wings.lwo (65.87 kB)
file SUGARCUBE_rigged_v001.lwo (175.50 kB)
file Sugarcube.lwo (164.95 kB)
file Sugarcube_eyes_brows.lwo (36.78 kB)
Instancing (20 файлов)
file Common_Flower_B1.lwo (35.65 kB)
file Common_Flower_B2.lwo (42.26 kB)
file Common_Flower_B3.lwo (37.61 kB)
file Common_Flower_D1.lwo (34.46 kB)
file Common_Flower_D2.lwo (42.92 kB)
file Common_Flower_D3.lwo (41.72 kB)
file Ground.lwo (155.09 kB)
file Ground_Grass.lwo (155.09 kB)
file Instance_density.lwo (42.20 kB)
file Instancing_Logo_Ball.lwo (42.14 kB)
file New_LW_Logo.lwo (87.20 kB)
file Plane_2m_Divided.lwo (31.11 kB)
file Planet.lwo (91.16 kB)
file Planet_02_new_test.lwo (91.15 kB)
file Space_Station.lwo (385.73 kB)
file Space_Station_Wheels.lwo (238.34 kB)
file Wild_Grass_A1.lwo (376.95 kB)
file Wild_Grass_C1.lwo (219.96 kB)
file Wild_Grass_I1.lwo (77.33 kB)
file stars.lwo (828.10 kB)
Props (10 файлов)
file 1m_GroundPlane.lwo (526 b)
file 1m_GroundPlane_Textured.lwo (828 b)
file 2m_Hose.lwo (161.54 kB)
file 2m_Rope.lwo (5.28 kB)
file BackDrop.lwo (804 b)
file HumanHead.lwo (176.03 kB)
file HumanHead_Frozen.lwo (243.98 kB)
file Katana.lwo (314.47 kB)
file Nail.lwo (8.19 kB)
file Wall.lwo (12.03 kB)
Raycast (15 файлов)
file Raycast_Basic Tree.lwo (1.43 MB)
file Raycast_Camshaft.lwo (210.91 kB)
file Raycast_Car.lwo (222.29 kB)
file Raycast_Egg.lwo (12.21 kB)
file Raycast_Frozenterrain.lwo (45.25 kB)
file Raycast_HumanHead.lwo (142.43 kB)
file Raycast_Mirror.lwo (1.07 kB)
file Raycast_Offroad For Car.lwo (10.07 kB)
file Raycast_Probe.lwo (143.74 kB)
file Raycast_Rayterrain Track.lwo (14.73 kB)
file Raycast_Rock.lwo (2.09 kB)
file Raycast_Rockcopy.lwo (7.82 kB)
file Raycast_Tube.lwo (34.78 kB)
file Raycast_Walking Track.lwo (17.52 kB)
file Raycast_droid.lwo (711.62 kB)
Render (17 файлов)
file Ball-subpatches.lwo (10.73 kB)
file Box.lwo (656 b)
file Boxes-Booleaned.lwo (0.98 kB)
file Boxes-Intersecting.lwo (860 b)
file Bubble.lwo (10.87 kB)
file CheckerboardPlane.lwo (632 b)
file EdgePlane.lwo (483.46 kB)
file Hemisphere_v001.lwo (5.79 kB)
file Hemisphere_v002.lwo (6.17 kB)
file Hemisphere_v003.lwo (7.06 kB)
file Hemisphere_v004.lwo (6.65 kB)
file Hero.lwo (12.65 MB)
file Inking_Demo.lwo (153.39 kB)
file MagnifyingGlass.lwo (21.70 kB)
file Mirror.lwo (21.71 kB)
file Spaceship.lwo (466.78 kB)
file base.lwo (400.41 kB)
SplineControl (2 файла)
01_Learning (5 файлов)
file Axis.lwo (9.80 kB)
file Ball.lwo (11.71 kB)
file ChainLink.lwo (221.70 kB)
file ModelerSplineA.lwo (1.99 kB)
file ModelerSplineB.lwo (924 b)
02_Examples (3 файла)
BicycleChain (1 файл)
file SprocketsAndChain.lwo (906.79 kB)
Escalator (2 файла)
file Escalator_Hull.lwo (132.24 kB)
file Escalator_Step.lwo (911.13 kB)
TreadSolution (2 файла)
file InstanceContainer.lwo (2.15 kB)
file ThinBox.lwo (640 b)
Scenes (10 файлов)
Bullet_Dynamics (4 файла)
Cloth Dynamics (18 файлов)
file Bullet_Cloth_Bones_LWGroup.lws (23.04 kB)
file Bullet_Cloth_Reveal.lws (35.00 kB)
file Bullet_Skirt.lws (1.63 MB)
file Bullet_Skirt_Fente_Subdivided.lws (1.63 MB)
file Bullet_Skirt_Multiple_Fente_Subdivided.lws (1.63 MB)
file Bullet_Skirt_Multiple_Subdivided_Kinematic_Shapes.lws (1.67 MB)
file Bullet_Skirt_Subdivided.lws (1.63 MB)
file Cape_Metalink_Node.lws (25.57 kB)
file Cape_Metalink_Node_Subdivided.lws (25.58 kB)
file Cloth_Covering_Car.lws (38.22 kB)
file Distance_Based_Shape_Retention.lws (21.25 kB)
file Distance_Based_Shape_Retention_two_effectors.lws (26.98 kB)
file Dragon_Rig_Cloth_Wings.lws (823.06 kB)
file Kinematic_Bones.lws (63.17 kB)
file Sleeve_Deforming_Body_Collider.lws (28.23 kB)
file Sleeve_Kinematic_Body_Colliders.lws (43.18 kB)
file Sleeve_Kinematic_Body_Colliders_Self_Collision_On.lws (46.27 kB)
file UnCovering_Car.lws (55.93 kB)
Forces (7 файлов)
file Breaking_Distance_Null.lws (37.54 kB)
file Breaking_Explosion.lws (62.44 kB)
file Breaking_Sphere.lws (34.45 kB)
file Force_Field_Vortex.lws (68.02 kB)
file LightWave_11_Logo_Dominoes.lws (32.34 kB)
file Motion_Graphics_Bullet_forces.lws (995.09 kB)
file Negative_Explosion_Force.lws (459.23 kB)
Hair Dynamics (8 файлов)
file Deforming_Object_Hair.lws (31.12 kB)
file Deforming_Object_Hair_FiberFX.lws (44.10 kB)
file Hybrid_Object_Hair.lws (25.15 kB)
file Hybrid_Object_Hair_All_Soft.lws (30.60 kB)
file Hybrid_Object_Hair_All_Soft_FiberFX.lws (38.56 kB)
file Hybrid_Object_Hair_FiberFX.lws (33.26 kB)
file Kinematic_Object_Hair.lws (20.65 kB)
file Kinematic_Object_Hair_FiberFX.lws (28.84 kB)
Soft Dynamics (9 файлов)
file Chocolate_Melting.lws (19.71 kB)
file Chocolate_Melting_Distance_Gradient.lws (22.95 kB)
file Chocolate_Melting_Envelope.lws (19.71 kB)
file Cloth_On_Toroids.lws (45.03 kB)
file Mangalore_Soft.lws (156.93 kB)
file Manta_Soft.lws (22.69 kB)
file PiranhaAlien_Walk_Soft.lws (809.83 kB)
file Soccer_Goal_Rigid.lws (46.77 kB)
file Soccer_Goal_Soft.lws (43.54 kB)
DPX (2 файла)
file DPX_and_LUT_example.lws (5.77 kB)
file DPX_example.lws (5.75 kB)
FiberFX (1 файл)
FiberFX_Examples (20 файлов)
file Blonde_Animated_Braids_Bundle_Braid.lws (18.25 kB)
file Blonde_Animated_Braids_Bundle_Braid_Volume.lws (18.25 kB)
file Blonde_Animated_Braids_Bundle_Twist.lws (18.25 kB)
file Blonde_Animated_Braids_Bundle_Twist_Volume.lws (18.25 kB)
file Fantasy_Rock.lws (19.64 kB)
file FiberFX_Twist.lws (21.44 kB)
file FiberMesh_Dog.lws (42.17 kB)
file FiberMesh_Dog_Volume_Mode.lws (42.17 kB)
file Furry_Tail.lws (108.70 kB)
file Furry_Tail_Dynamic.lws (102.93 kB)
file Furry_Tail_Dynamic_Volume.lws (100.02 kB)
file Furry_Tail_Dynamic_With_Style.lws (104.44 kB)
file Furry_Tail_Dynamic_With_Style_Volume.lws (104.44 kB)
file Furry_Tail_Volume.lws (105.96 kB)
file Kinematic_Bones_Carpet.lws (64.86 kB)
file Kinematic_Bones_Carpet_Volume.lws (64.86 kB)
file Twisted_Hair.lws (22.40 kB)
txt _Turn off FiberFX for faster Dynamics calculation.txt (0 b)
file leopard_fur_fiberFX_Pixel_Filter.lws (21.29 kB)
file leopard_fur_fiberFX_Volume.lws (17.54 kB)
Flocking (1 файл)
Flocking_Examples (5 файлов)
file Flying_Probes.lws (70.53 kB)
file Predator_Prey.lws (87.80 kB)
file Predator_Prey_Spiders.lws (93.00 kB)
file Race_Track_Simple.lws (115.29 kB)
file Sparrow_Murmuration.lws (63.04 kB)
Genoma (9 файлов)
file Genoma_Spider_Rig.lws (1.15 MB)
file Genoma_Spider_Walk.lws (1.52 MB)
file Mannequin_Genoma_Rig.lws (798.66 kB)
file Mannequin_Genoma_Rig_hidden_bones.lws (720.26 kB)
txt ReadMe_Rogue State.txt (162 b)
file RogueState_Dragon_Rig.lws (1.22 MB)
file RogueState_Dragon_Rig_Bullet_Wings.lws (1.11 MB)
file RogueState_Dragon_Rig_Hidden_Bones.lws (1.11 MB)
file sugarcube_genoma_next.lws (497.87 kB)
Instancing (5 файлов)
file Grass_and_LW_Logo.lws (84.16 kB)
file Instance_Density_Editing.lws (37.46 kB)
file Instance_Density_Render.lws (37.01 kB)
file LightWave_Logo_Instance_Animation.lws (36.72 kB)
file Starship.lws (118.37 kB)
Props (2 файла)
txt Katana-Readme.txt (372 b)
file KatanaBeautyShots.lws (24.53 kB)
Raycast (2 файла)
01_Learning (1 файл)
file 01_WhyRaycast.lws (26.24 kB)
02_Examples (3 файла)
Raycast_Deformation (1 файл)
file Raycast_ObjectThruTube.lws (19.08 kB)
Raycast_Instancing (1 файл)
file Raycast_InstancedPinArray.lws (33.09 kB)
Raycast_Motion (6 файлов)
file Raycast_Camshaft.lws (39.65 kB)
file Raycast_Car_Track.lws (23.31 kB)
file Raycast_Off_Road.lws (19.39 kB)
file Raycast_ParticleEmitter.lws (42.26 kB)
file Raycast_Probe_Droid.lws (70.58 kB)
file Raycast_Reflect.lws (57.48 kB)
Rendering (3 файла)
Benchmarks (2 файла)
file BenchmarkMarbles.lws (22.01 kB)
txt ReadMe_Dave Jerrard.txt (103 b)
Celshading (10 файлов)
file 01_SubDLevelsMatter.lws (23.38 kB)
file 02_TheFiveBasicEdgeTypes.lws (14.65 kB)
file 03_Edges-NodeEditor.lws (19.09 kB)
file 04_EdgesMustExistInOrderToGetTraced.lws (12.81 kB)
file 05_Raytracing.lws (31.80 kB)
file 06_AdvancedCamera.lws (25.02 kB)
file CelLookEdges-Bubbles.lws (38.60 kB)
file Inking_Demo.lws (43.63 kB)
txt ReadMe_Jennifer Hachigian.txt (460 b)
file Spaceship_EdgeRendering.lws (47.52 kB)
Superhero (1 файл)
file Hero_Rendering.lws (22.73 kB)
SplineControl (3 файла)
01_Learning (19 файлов)
file 00_HowToTurnOnSplineControl.lws (57.82 kB)
file 01_VirtualSpline.lws (55.10 kB)
file 02_NamingConventionsDoNotMatter.lws (55.57 kB)
file 03_AboutLeafChildren.lws (70.27 kB)
file 04_AnyChildItemCanBeASplineNode.lws (19.83 kB)
file 05_NodeOrientationMatters.lws (59.10 kB)
file 06_Open_vs_Closed_Splines.lws (66.34 kB)
file 07_PushingItemChainsAlongASpline.lws (93.10 kB)
file 08_WhipsAndTails.lws (64.57 kB)
file 09_UseSameAsItemToAnimateProxies.lws (344.76 kB)
file 10_ItemsAreTangent_BonesAreNot.lws (43.23 kB)
file 11_UncheckItemsToRemoveThemFromASpline.lws (43.24 kB)
file 12_BonesAndJointsCanBeUsedAsNodes.lws (40.45 kB)
file 13_BoneAndJointNodesCanReduceSceneClutter.lws (295.28 kB)
file 14_SplineFit_LinearDistance_vs_SplineDistance.lws (88.20 kB)
file 15_SplineFit_FitToSpline.lws (83.20 kB)
file 16_SplineInstancing.lws (71.22 kB)
file 17_SplineFit_FitToSplineCompression.lws (98.46 kB)
file 18_SplineInstancing-World-vs-Local.lws (58.65 kB)
02_Examples (18 файлов)
file BicycleChain.lws (141.57 kB)
file BicycleChain_FitToSpline.lws (152.77 kB)
file CameraFollowsSplineControlTrack.lws (36.85 kB)
file CameraRigFollowsSplineControlTrack.lws (51.79 kB)
file DinoShark_Animation.lws (110.41 kB)
file DinoShark_Animation_JointNodes.lws (70.50 kB)
file Escalator_v001_LinearDistance.lws (165.32 kB)
file Escalator_v002_LinearDistance.lws (145.64 kB)
file Escalator_v003_SplineDistance.lws (165.73 kB)
file Escalator_v004_FitToSpline.lws (169.33 kB)
file Escalator_v005_SplineInstancing.lws (68.22 kB)
file HoseSolution.lws (79.71 kB)
file RopeSolutionSimple.lws (49.58 kB)
file Snake.lws (130.74 kB)
file SplineInstancing-ChainBall.lws (156.33 kB)
file TreadSolution-Instanced.lws (81.77 kB)
file TreadSolution.lws (125.34 kB)
file TreadSolution_FitToSpline.lws (136.26 kB)
03_TutorialFiles (2 файла)
file 01_Escalator_Tutorial.lws (12.74 kB)
file 02_Escalator_Finished.lws (142.67 kB)
txt HowAContentDirectoryWorks.txt (4.69 kB)
Medecine (5 файлов)
file XF_LICENSED1.lwk (1.40 kB)
file XF_LICENSED2.lwk (1.41 kB)
file XF_LICENSED3.lwk (1.41 kB)
file XF_LICENSED4.lwk (1.41 kB)
file XF_LICENSED5.lwk (1.40 kB)
exe LightWave_2015.3_Win32_installer.exe (166.44 MB)
exe LightWave_2015.3_Win64_installer.exe (187.15 MB)
Начало раздачи:20 августа 2015 в 13:31
NewTek Lightwave 3D 2015.3 Build 2847 + Content [En]NewTek Lightwave 3D 2015.3 Build 2847 + Content [En]NewTek Lightwave 3D 2015.3 Build 2847 + Content [En]
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