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The Foundry MODO 901 SP3 Build 95275 [En]

The Foundry MODO 901 SP3 Build 95275 [En] скачать торрент

Год выпуска:2015
Требования:ОС: Windows 7 или Window 8 (64-bit только)
Процессор: Intel Core2Duo или лучше
Размер на диске: 10GB для полной установки контента
Оперативная память: минимум 4GB
Видеокарта: The Advanced viewport mode требует NVIDIA or AMD с 512MB видеопамяти и поддержкой OpenGL 3.2 или новее.
Язык интерфейса:Английский
Лекарство:не требуется
Рейтинг на сайте:
MODO является полным решением для исследования дизайна, создания контента для игр, анимации персонажей и производства высококачественных рекламных изображений. Созданный для художественных рабочих процессов MODO возвращает легкое создание цифрового контента и дизайна. Художники и дизайнеры могут свободно исследовать и сосредоточиться на творческих усилиях, которые максимизируют качество продукции за меньшее время.

Ключевые возможности:
Advanced photorealistic viewport
Iterate faster in a high-fidelity context that closely reflects your final render, with MODO 901’s new hardware-accelerated photorealistic viewport. Powered by The Foundry’s Clear technology, the new advanced viewport lets you manipulate geometry and materials in a real-time setting that accurately displays lighting and shadows, BRDF materials, reflections, gloss, screen-space ambient occlusion, high-quality transparency, anti-aliasing, supersampling and a number of 2D post-processing effects.
Now a fully integrated feature of MODO 901, MeshFusion takes away the challenge of complex and frustrating Boolean operations, making it easier to consistently produce high-quality models. You can interactively intersect, add and subtract subdivision surface (SDS) objects, control the blending between, and intuitively edit the assembly instructions. MeshFusion also comes with a library of preset primitives that you can use to construct your object; final output is a watertight mesh suitable for further editing in MODO or export to .STL.
Vector-based graphics support
Make use of resolution-independent vector-based artwork created in a program such as Adobe® Illustrator® or converted from a CAD file with new support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files, together with a new Curve Fill polygon type. You can use SVG artwork in your MODO scene as texture files, or as curves that can then be manipulated in 3D, or act as a framework for you to construct meshes. Edited vector compositions can also be exported back out as SVG files for use downstream in the design or manufacturing process. Progressive baking Texture baking in MODO 901 goes to the next level, with a new technique that takes advantage of MODO’s progressive renderer. Using a ray tracing methodology, you can preview your textures as you bake, and watch them refine progressively—allowing you to tweak settings and make surface changes without waiting for a final render. The result? Faster iterations and an overall better baking workflow. In addition, you can now directly bake normal maps with Mikk and other custom tangent spaces for compatibility with a wide number of games engines.
Accelerated performance
With a major focus on improving performance on large scenes, MODO 901 accelerates workflows across the board—including selecting, displaying and deleting many items, or changing their type—in some cases by orders of magnitude. In other specific examples, animating deforming subdivision surfaces is now significantly faster, thanks to the new support for the OpenSubdiv library, while the progressive renderer now employs several techniques to provide faster updates. What’s more, new sampling techniques improve rendering performance with many direct lights and light linking.
Enhanced modeling toolset
MODO 901 brings a number of enhancements to its renowned modeling toolset: the ability to work with models that are topologically but not spatially symmetrical lets you work on both sides of a posed model at once; the Slice tool now offers the option to automatically cap the resulting meshes; and you can now fill a four-sided region with a grid pattern of quads. Other enhancements include new Linear and Radial Align tools, a Twist option for the Curve Generator tool, improved edge loop selection options, slicing across multiple edges, and more.
Improved UV workflows
Enhanced multi-tile UV workflows in MODO 901 include the ability to pack UVs across multiple tiles at once, a new UDIM Indicator that displays various information about the current tile, and UDIM support within many tools and commands. Other new UV features include the ability to copy and paste UVs based on topology, straightening options for the UV Relax tool, and a UV Rectangle command to align strips that have a regular grid pattern.
Better multi-resolution sculpting
Multi-resolution sculpting in MODO 901 now supports layers, so you can have multiple sculpt layers at each mesh level; displacement values from all the layers are blended together into the final result. In addition, you can now transfer multi-resolution displacement vectors to an active mesh from a background mesh, helping you exchange data with third-party sculpting applications, create a new starting point from a high-resolution template, or prepare a mesh for animation.
Extended dynamics and effects
MODO 901 helps bring your worlds to life with new dynamic and procedural effects. A new procedural Shatter item lets you automatically shatter meshes based on collisions, while a procedural Rock item lets you add natural-looking landscape detail to your scene. For rigid-body simulations, the ability to set up and control glue constraints is now much easier, while all dynamic simulations can now be saved and loaded as separate external cache files.
More flexible rigging
Creating cleaner, more flexible rigs for characters and other assets is now easier in MODO 901. With new Command Regions, you can create clickable controls from any polygon selection; controls become visible as you mouse over the selected region, keeping your rig uncluttered. In addition, a new Tension texture lets you drive values based on surface deformation; this can be combined with the new ability to drive sculpt layer opacity through a modifier, for powerful rigging possibilities.
Easier pipeline integration
Aimed primarily at technical directors, MODO 901’s new TD SDK offers an easier and more intuitive interface to the existing Python API for writing plug-ins. MODO 901 also brings Qt support to Mac OS X and Windows—already available on Linux—so TDs can make cross-platform custom UIs. And, with support for OpenVDB voxel datasets, and a projection shader that enables digital matte painting workflows with NUKE, MODO 901 plays well with other applications in your pipeline.
Complexity management
MODO 901 delivers tools to help you manage today’s complex assets more easily. The new Deferred Mesh item lets you offload assets to disk, loading them only at render time; simple proxies or bounding-boxes represent the item in the scene with minimal memory impact. Other complexity management features include the ability to mass-convert scene image clips to Tiled EXRs, and better ways to expose only selected inputs in assemblies.
Improved painting and texturing
MODO 901 delivers faster, higher quality painting, with better blending, interpolation, stroke evaluation, subpixel sampling and brush orientation during drawing among the improvements leading to a superior overall experience. In addition, a new option in the Parametric Ink tool lets you use surface parameters to vary the opacity of the applied paint, while a new texture switch node and wireframe shader extend texturing possibilities.
Physically based materials and rendering
MODO 901 now offers a new choice of BRDF material—GTR (Generalized-Trowbridge-Reitz)—that better matches specular highlights on real materials, and offers control over blurry reflections. The material is fully compatible with the new advanced photorealistic viewport. In addition, MODO’s physically based Daylight model has been updated to provide a more realistic, physically accurate environment.
UI and viewport enhancements
In the sometimes overwhelming world of 3D, MODO 901 puts the tools you need at your fingertips with the ability to store and recall 3D viewport settings as presets and a switcher bar for easily selecting favorite layouts. In addition, you can now choose to display UV edge seams and boundary edges with different colors in the 3D viewport.

Исправления в SP3:
Advanced viewport: Adjusted MONO transparency to closer match the offline renderer.
Advanced viewport: Disables the viewport on systems running Linux Nouveau drivers, which are not capable of supporting it.
Advanced viewport: Fixes bug where the FPS would drop over time when an animation was played continuously.
Advanced viewport: Fixes issue with wireframe drawing with Multiresolution enabled on a mesh with some AMD cards.
Advanced viewport: When the Advanced viewport is not available on a system, a dialog now explains why.
Advanced viewport/Color Management: Avoid color correction in the Advanced viewport when using RayGL.
Assemblies/Stability: Fixes potential crash using the 'move node(s) into parent assembly' command.
Baking: Fixes potential crash baking the geometry cache.
Baking: Fixes potential crash if a glDraw (i.e. enabling Show Safe Area) package is added to the texture locator.
Baking/Stability: Fixes potential crash baking multiple texture tiles.
Bend deformer: Fixes bug where the deformer would collapse when driven to an angle of zero.
Booleans: Fixes a small memory leak with non-planar polygons for the CSG boolean.
Color Management: Fixes bug where front-projected environment textures were not color corrected in the default viewport.
CSV Point Cache: Fixes skewing of dynamic replicas when used with a CSV Point Cache.
Drag Actions: Fixes bug where drop actions inside the 3d viewport did not work with multiple items.
Dynamics: Adds new config-based presets.
Dynamics: Fixes bug where all constraints, except springs, weren't breakable.
Dynamics: Fixes crash using a curve force on very low mass objects with a drag force.
Dynamics: Fixes issue where, depending on initial selection, compound rigid body mass source could not be set correctly.
Dynamics: Updates settings for presets
Dynamics/Stability: Fixes potential crash deleting a soft body and rigid body, if the deletion of a soft body with a cache had been previously undone.
Dynamics/Stability: Fixes potential crash when caching a dynamics simulation. (Automated crash reporting)
Edge Slide/Stability: Fixes potential crash when using the tool with 'Duplicate' enabled on a vertex of a curve.
Element Falloff/Performance: Improves the initialization speed of the element falloff weight in UV space.
Element Move/Stability: Fixes potential crash using the tool in the UV view. (Automated crash reporting)
FBX I/O: Adds ability to merge animation into existing item in a scene.
FBX I/O: Fixes bug where a scene with multiple UV maps, it was not possible to export vertex color information.
FBX I/O: Fixes bug where changing the timeline or playing back an animation after loading it with Auto Key set to Off would lose the keyframed data.
File I/O: Fixes bug where many file save dialogs were appending the file extension twice to the 'Untitled' placeholder name.
File I/O: Fixes bug where some file save dialogs appended the file extension to the 'Untitled' placeholder name twice.
Fill Quads: Fixes bug where the tool did not work on multiple selected edge loops with 'Grid Pattern' enabled.
Fill Quads/Stability: Fixes potential crash with the Fill Quads command.
Form Editor: Fixes bug where the Alternate Command on a Form Button could not be changed.
Freeze/Stability: Fixes potential crash freezing displacement when in the UVEdit layout.
Fur/Stability: Fixes potential crash loading pre-801 scenes with fur.
Fur/Stability: Fixes potential crash toggling the visibility of a fur density gradient with Preview running.
General: Fixes a small memory leak on shutdown.
GL: Fixes bug where tool handles could disappear during undos.
GL: Fixes bug where UVed images would not display correctly until GL was refreshed.
GL: Fixes small memory leak when rotating the 3D viewport or playing an animation.
GL/Stability: Fixes potential crash showing zero length geometry boundaries.
GL/Stability: Fixes potential crash when changing the mesh smoothing item property with a mesh with fur, when fur display was disabled in the viewport properties.
GL/Stability: Fixes potential instability with VBOs.
GL/Stability: Fixes random crash related to drawing selected polygons. (Automated crash reporting)
GL/Stability: Speculative fix for a crash in viewport drawing. (Automated crash reporting)
Headless/Stability: Mac: Fixes potential crash opening a file with opensubdiv polygons on a mesh in modo_cl.
Image Brush: Fixes bug where sculpting with the image brush would not use the alpha, if present.
Image Ink: Fixes bug where it was impossible to clear images from the tool.
Image Ink: Fixes bug where the clip browser would lose all icons and controls when choosing an image with another already active.
Image Ink: Fixes bug where the projection image could not be disabled when trying to use only the UV mask feature.
Item conversion: Retains the name from an instance when converting it to a mesh.
Item List: Fixes bug where items could not be deleted from the item list when they were selected while the transform tool was active.
Item List: Fixes bug where new scenes would be added at different locations in the item list.
Item List: Fixes bug where referenced scenes were being added to the item list as base-level scenes.
Item List: Fixes bug where subtrees or items in the item list would disappear.
Item List: Fixes bug where the the filter did not work with mesh instances.
Item List/Dynamics: Fixes bug where the Dynamics filter was not filtering all dynamic items.
Keyframes: Fixes bug where keying rotation channels with the move tool active would add keys for both rotation and position.
Lattice deformer: Fixes bug where the deformer would sometime deform incorrectly.
Layouts/UI: Fixes bug where saving layouts was corrupting their names.
Light and Environment materials: Fixes bug where material items for lights and environments weren't duplicated when the items were instanced.
Localization: Fixes bug where localization testing for command dialogs wasn't working correctly.
Localization: Fixes bug where messages in custom file dialogs couldn't be localized.
Look At Channel Modifier/Stability: Fixes potential crash when using the Look At Channel Modifier with no cameras in the scene.
Loop Slice/Stability: Fixes potential crash when using preserve curvature. (Automated crash reporting)
Macros: Fixes bug where recording a macro with a vertex join operation, then storing it in a config would lead to an 'Error! Command: Argument value missing'.
Mesh Fusion: Adds two buttons to the ‘More Fusion Controls’ popover in the main Fusion toolbar.
Mesh Fusion: Allows n-gons in the source meshes to be ignored, fixing a serious Preview rendering bug.
Mesh Fusion: Fixes bug where disabling Add Strip Items didn't prevent the Fusion creation process from making strip items.
Mesh Fusion: Fixes bug where some buttons were getting compressed horizontally when a section of the form was collapsed or expanded.
Mesh Fusion: Fixes bug where the Mesh Fusion tree item was not updating.
Mesh Fusion: Fixes the loss of mesh selection when toggling New Fusion’s ‘More Options’ > ’Strip Click Hauling’ checkbox.
Mesh Paint: Fixes potential crash using Mesh Paint with the background mesh hidden. (Automated crash reporting)
Mesh Presets/Stability: Fixes bug where attempting to rename a mesh preset could give an invalid argument dialog or lead to instability.
Mesh Shatter: Fixes Mesh Shatter > Source to use item transforms in Specific Item mode.
Multiresolution/Stability: Fixes potential crash when copying multiresolution polygons. (Automated crash reporting)
Network Rendering: Adds 'Render with Network Nodes Only' option in Preferences > Rendering > Final Rendering.
"Network Rendering: Adds network rendering status display to render window during renders.
Fixes vignetting being applied to slave buckets when they are added to the progress image."
Network Rendering: Fixes bug where slaves which come online after a render was started would not be utilized.
Painting: Fixes bug where changing the brush size for the paint brush via the keyboard would not update the size used to paint, only the brush size representation.
Painting: Fixes bug where the Text Paint tool wasn't working.
Painting/Stability: Fixes potential crash painting on a front-projected environment image in UV space with no mesh.
Painting/Stability: Fixes potential crash when painting.
Pen tool: Fixes bug in wall mode where 'use action axis' was not working correctly if the mesh was selected in item mode.
Pen tool: Fixes bug where wall mode was not respecting the action axis in perspective view.
Pen tool: Removes the need to activate 'Use Action Axis' in wall mode, but keeps the option there for compatibility.
Physical Sun: Changes Physical Sun location presets from Luxology to The Foundry, replacing London with TF London, and using more precise coordinates.
Pick Maps: Fixes bug where selected points did not have values assigned when creating a new map.
Preferences: Fixes bug where Change Tag ID did not work after creating a tag in Preferences > Item Tag Definitions.
Preferences: Fixes misspelling of millimeters in Wavefront and STL I/O preferences.
Preset Browser: Fixes random crash in Preset Browser.
Presets/Stability: Fixes potential crash with tooltips on presets. (Automated crash reporting)
Preview: Fixes bug where enabling and disabling Full Resolution in the Preview options would not update when Preview was paused.
Preview: Fixes bug where menu options didn't update when Preview was paused and enabling motion blur would un-pause Preview.
Preview: Fixes bug where Preview did not always start after pressing the play button.
Preview: Fixes bug where Preview was not updating on procedural mesh changes, such as with Mesh Fusion items.
Preview: Fixes bug where Preview was not updating when changing displacement amount on a material.
Preview: Fixes bug where sometimes Preview would stop updating after changing time or scene settings.
Preview: Fixes bug where the plane and preset sphere preview display options were not rendering.
Preview: Improves tooltip for 'Start Paused' preference in Preferences > Rendering > Preview.
Preview/Performance: Fixes bug where updating light shading would force full geometry rebuilds, causing Preview to restart.
Preview/Stability: Fixes potential crash switching scenes with Preview open.
Procedural Shatter: Fixes bug where the initial shatter didn't use the 'Age Until Break' setting.
Proxies: Fixes bug where duplication of a proxy would sometimes create a broken copy.
Proxies: Fixes memory leak with proxies and Preview enabled, where changing between scenes would cause proxies to reload without being previously freed.
Purge Unused Materials: Fixes bug where purging unused materials would delete clip items inside a UDIM folder.
Purge Unused Materials: Fixes bug where purging unused materials would delete item masks.
Python API/SDK: Fixes crash using the UserValueCount() method of the ScriptSys service.
RayGL/Color Management: Fixes bug where RayGL was not respecting the viewport LUT.
RayGL/Render Region tool: Fixes bug where the region would draw in other viewports and leave ghost renders, when RayGL was active.
References: Fixes bug where deleting a reference that didn't allow overrides would cause a 10-15 second hang.
Render Curves: Changes implicit UVs on render curves to be computed based on curve length.
Render Window: Fixes bug where the render window view LUT and exported colorspace were not matching.
Rendering: Fixes bug where pre-901 mesh presets would incorrectly have their materials set to Physically based.
Rendering: Fixes bug where the Displacement as Bump option in Render Settings was not working with morphs.
Rendering: Fixes percent complete state for turntable renders.
Rendering: Mac: Works around compiler optimizer bug causing renders to get stuck during IC pre-pass calculation during ray evaluation.
Replicators: Changes 'Use Source Transform' to 'Use Prototype Transform' for clarity.
Schematic: Fixes bug where locator labels would not accept strings from other nodes (i.e. Mesh Info modifier).
Schematic: Fixes bug where reordering assembly channels would break vector channels.
Script Editor: Appending a question mark followed by pressing the tab key will show a help string for the python object of the current line in the upper script history pane.
Script editor: Fixes bug where increasing or decreasing indentation with shift+brackets did not work.
Script Editor: Fixes bug where inline return would not retain tabbing on new lines unless the previous line ended in a semi-colon.
Script Editor: Fixes bug where the script editor would save blank files when its content contained double-byte characters. Changes default encoding/decoding as UTF-8 when saving/loading scripts.
Script Editor: Mac: Accept both ctrl and command as modifier keys, to maintain standard copy/paste behavior.
Script Editor: Mac: Correctly maps ctrl+Enter.
Scripting: Fixes bug where setting the type on an existing uservalue would cause an 'Unknown type for user value' error.
Scripting: Fixes bug where user value list names were not being displayed correctly.
Scripting/Stability: Fixes potential crash when calling app.undo too many times from a python script.
Sculpt Layers: Fixes bug where increasing the max resolution after adding a new sculpt layer would erase all sculpt data.
SDK: Adds an optional Include function to CLxItemModifierServer.
SDK/Stability: Fixes potential crash trying to read the gradient channel envelope.
Select menu: Fixes ordering of Lights in the Item types > Lights and Item types > Animated Lights menus to make them alphabetic.
Shader Tree: Fixes bug where copying and pasting groups between scenes using the context menu options would not copy clip items and could lead to instability.
Snapping: Fixes bug where drag snap rigid was not working properly on instanced meshes.
Snapping/Performance: Improves geometry snapping performance in heavy scenes.
Spline Effector: Fixes bug where spline effectors could still be selected, even when hidden.
Sprites/Stability: Fixes potential crash setting the image on a Sprite, when accessing the clip choice from the more (>>) button.
Stability: Fixes potential crash deleting a mesh with the Wireframe texture selected and Preview running.
Stability: Fixes potential crash toggling the visibility of an inactive scene with geometry in it.
Stability: Fixes potential crash with Preview thumbnail generation.
Stability: Fixes potential crashes in texture validation. (Automated crash reporting)
String Compose Channel Modifier: Windows: Fixes bug where windows file paths were corrupted after save and reload.
SVG I/O/Stability: Fixes bug where SVG images used as textures could cause apparent hangs when viewed in the UV view.
SVG I/O/Stability: Fixes potential crash loading SVG images.
SVG Images/Stability: Fixes crash attempting to export a backdrop item as an SVG.
SVG Images/Stability: Fixes potential crash trying to paint on an SVG image.
Switcher Bar: Fixes random crashes. (Automated crash reporting)
Symmetry/Selection: Fixes bug where selection with symmetry was not working correctly with morphs.
Tack tool: Fixes bug where more complex items would align incorrectly.
TD SDK: Adds a SetName() method to the ILxMeshMap interface, fixing a bug where setting a vertex maps name would have no effect unless it was done at the time of map creation.
TD SDK: Adds missing 'bool reverse' argument for ItemGraph.
TD SDK: Adds Scene.getGroups(self, gtype='') method, which returns groups of one or multiple given types.
TD SDK: Adds the delete method to MeshMaps.
TD SDK: Fixes bug encoding integer values using settingsItem.channel().set().
TD SDK: Fixes bug where envelope keyframe edits were lost after re-opening a scene.
TD SDK: Fixes bug where the 'setParent' method on items couldn't set parent to 'None' for the root of a graph.
TD SDK: Fixes bug where the Matrix4.fromEuler method was returning the wrong result.
TD SDK: Fixes bug where the modo module item class' __eq__ method couldn't handle certain situations.
Texture Replicators: Fixes bug where texture replicator with overlapping particles would appear to move around during animation renders.
Transfer Vertex Map tool: Fixes bug where the tool would not remember its previous configuration, if the user had pressed cancel.
Transform Tool: Limits the auto addition of position and rotation transform items to camera and light items, when activating the Transform tool.
UDIMs: Fixes bug where UDIM textures assigned to an image map did not render correctly.
UI Images: fixes bug where the Sort By... setting in Preferences > UI > UI Images would get stuck on sort by Age.
UI: Fixes bug where animated transform values did not update during or after playback.
UI: Fixes bug where the F8 shortcut and the Render > Open Preview menu fired different commands and therefore the F8 shortcut didn't show up in the menu.
UI: Fixes bug where typing in very large numbers into text fields could result in a -1.0 value being set.
UI/Painting: Fixes bug where the Image Ink, Parametric Ink, and Random Ink UI button didn't update properly.
UI/Stability: Fixes potential crash resetting a quad window inside of a quad window, then using File > Reset.
UI/Stability: Fixes potential crash using the Graph editor hide/unhide button in the Animate layout.
UI/Tooltips: Fixes bug where text fields in windows and palettes would be deselected when tooltips appeared.
User Channels: Fixes bug where the minimum/maximum value settings didn't work correctly on angle channels.
UV Relax/Stability: Fixes potential crash using UV relax with straighten enabled, if multiple objects were selected.
UV Sculpting/Stability: Fixes potential crash sculpting UVs and using the Symmetrize UVs command.
UV Symmetrize: Fixes potential crash when using the tool.
UV view: Fixes bug where selected polygons were not highlighted in the UV view with deformers enabled.
VDB Voxels: Moves the cache options to Preferences from item properties.
VDB Voxels: Upgrades OpenVDB 2.3 to OpenVDB 3.0. Updates Voxel Item to use OpenVDB 3.0.
Vertex Bevel: Fixes bug where beveling vertices that were part of a selection set would remove them from that set.
Weight Editing/Stability: Fixes potential crash editing weights on meshes with multiple deformers. (Automated crash reporting)
Weight Painting: Fixes bug where deformers would not update while painting weights, until the following stroke.
Weight Painting: Fixes potential crash when painting weights. (Automated crash reporting)
Wireframe texture: Fixes bug where the properties did not show the name for the active selection set.
Wireframe texture/Stability: Fixes potential crash when the Wireframe shader is used in nodal shading.
Work Plane: Adds 'Lock Plane to Origin' to the Work Plane menu.

Процедура лечения:
1. Установить программу (контент опционально)
2. Если установлен RLM сервер от прочих творений фирмы, то остановите его в службах, чтобы не мешался
3. Запустить кейген Amon^Ra и создать файл лицензии
4. Запустить программу и выбрать установку лицензии
5. Открыть пункт install to disk и выбрать наш файлик лицензии
6. Если останавливали службу RLM сервера, то можно его вновь запустить
7. Перезапустить программу
8. Теперь, если всё сделали правильно, в свойствах о программе должно светиться имя заданное в кейгене

Если планируете использовать всю линейку продуктов The Foundry, то используйте альтернативное лечение XForce

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The Foundry MODO 901 SP3 Build 95275 [En]The Foundry MODO 901 SP3 Build 95275 [En]The Foundry MODO 901 SP3 Build 95275 [En]
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